Hi Y’all!  I am VERY excited about today’s post!  Why?  I’m giving away a FREE NYC Hotel Guide…but, a little background.  When I started this Blog, I really had no idea where it would go.  I knew I love to travel, and I love to share my travel tips with folks.  I’m not a bad writer.  And at the encouragement of my dear friend and Blogger Master-Jedi teacher Tanya Foster, I jumped into the Blogging world with both feet!


NYC Travel Guide Apple Store Madison Ave.


Along the way, I have participated in MANY training seminars, webinars, looking for smoke signals from the land-of-successful-Bloggers…and I kept hearing over and over again….LISTEN to what your readers are telling you.  Let them be your guide.


NYC Travel Guide MET Pretzel


Alrighty…so I listened!  And what I hear from y’all over and over again is:  can you help me plan a trip?

So today, my answer is YES!  I absolutely can!  And to start things off, I’m offering y’all a FREE NYC Hotel Guide, one of my favorite places in the world, as y’all know!!!!  Click on the image below to get your FREE NYC Hotel Guide.



NYC Travel Guide Grand Central Terminal interior


I’ve talked about this NYC museum, and this NYC museum…I’ve talked about efficiently getting around NYC in this post…I have given you some fun family friendly tips in this post and this post!


NYC Travel Guide Winter Antiques Show



NYC Travel Guide Subway Entrance



NYC Travel Guide Medieval Christmas Tree


So…what can you do for ME?  Awwww, that’s sweet y’all!  Here’s what you can do!

  • Please give me feedback on this guide!  Was it helpful?  How?  Anything I didn’t include that would make your trip planning to NYC easier?  FEEDBACK!
  • Tag me in your Social Media when you travel to NYC!  Let me know that my guide, and the posts I have written about NYC have been helpful to you!  Instagram:  @thecuriouscowgirl Facebook:  @marythecuriouscowgirl  Twitter:  @Curious_Cowgirl
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Thanks so much Y’all!  Enjoy the FREE NYC Hotel Guide.  And get yourselves to the Big Apple!!!