We are getting close to the 4th of July friends!  God Bless America!  I hope your plans will include a day filled with parades, cold watermelon, cherry pie, and of course…fireworks!  Today, I’m doing a round-up of past posts that include some of the most Patriotic Places in America!


Patriotic Summer Travel


There’s so many ways to organize Summer Travel.  A Tour of National Parks.  A Tour of Art Museums.  Perhaps a Tour of Historic Hotels.

How about a plan that includes all of the above!  And, makes you want to hum “God Bless America” all the while?  That’s what’s included in my recommendations for Patriotic Summer Travel!



The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island



The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island


In this post, I shared with you my tips for visiting these iconic landmarks in New York City.  Just standing at the foot of Lady Liberty herself makes me want to sing “God Bless America” from the top of my lungs!  I know that lots of y’all are making a trip to the Big Apple over the next few months, and if you’ve never been to The Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, I highly encourage you to take a morning to do so!


Paul Revere Bronze Statue


Paul Revere


In this post, I outlined for you the many reasons we should remember what an amazing American Hero Paul Revere was.  The further away we get from our school days, the harder it gets for many of us to remember EXACTLY what Paul Revere did that was so instrumental in the birth of our Nation.  So, check out this post, and when you next find yourself in Boston, try to check out some of these sites!


 a hand holding a slice of watermelon


a vintage photograph of 4 kids dressed in red, white and blue

John, Jim-bo, the Curious Cowgirl, and Michael Michael Motorcycle Circa 1974


I’ll leave you some awesome history behind the tune “God Bless America”.  According to an article published in Parade, “God Bless America” was written by the same composer who wrote “White Christmas,”  Mr. Irving Berlin.  “God Bless America” has attained the “composerless” status of an anthem or a folk song, but it has roots in Tin Pan Alley. Irving Berlin—who would go on to write classics like “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade”—originally wrote the song in 1918.  But Irving Berlin himself has never made money on the song; in 1940, he created a Fund, through which all royalties have been donated to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (now focused on the scouts in the greater New York City area). The song will remain under copyright until the year 2034.”


God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home
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