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Break out the champagne and let’s all have a toast!  What’s the occasion?  It’s the First Blogversary of The Curious Cowgirl, and I have LOTS of goodies and giveaways for y’all!!!  Read on!


Happy First Blogversary

It all began with a guest Blog post on my friend, and mentor, and Jedi Master’s Blog.  Tanya Foster, I can never thank you enough for encouraging me to write this post about leaf peeping in New England!  I’ve never looked back, and I’ve never enjoyed any endeavor I’ve undertaken more than my Blogging journey!


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My first profession was teaching, and that thread has run through everything I’ve done professionally!  Learning something, then sharing the knowledge with others!


Curious Cowgirl First Blogversary Collage of four pictures


Over the past 12 months I have written 20 posts about NYC, 8 posts about Paris (with a whole lot more coming over the next few weeks).  I’ve written about sites to see in the Great State of Texas 18 times, and Rome and Italy have been highlighted 16 times.  I’ve profiled 17 Fascinating Personalities.  And together, we have discovered so many exciting travel-related subjects.  A total of 150 Blog posts will roll out before the end of 2018!


Curious Cowgirl First Blogversary Collage of five pictures


So, how to properly celebrate the One Year Anniversary of The Curious Cowgirl Blog?  With treats and giveaways for my READERS of course!  This Blog would be meaningless without y’all.  You encourage me, you inspire me, you challenge me, you support me, and you laugh with me.  You READ what I’m writing!  I’m super super grateful y’all.


Curious Cowgirl First Blogversary Collage of four pictures


OK…so let’s get to the goodies part, right?  Starting on Wednesday, December 12, I’ll pick THREE lucky readers to win a goodie that relates to one of the Blog posts I have written this year.  I’ll pick three winners on December 12, December 14, December 17, December 19. TWELVE winners, twelve goodies! And y’all….these goodies are AWESOME!  I kinda hate to let some of these goodies go….but the cows are out of the barn now, as we like to say in Texas.

This is the IMPORTANT part…..in order for your name to be entered in the drawing, I need you to help me grow The Curious Cowgirl Blog by referring five friends to me.  Five friends who love to travel.  Five friends who love to eat wonderful food.  Five friends who love to hunt for antiques, needlepoint, drink great wine.  Five friends who love to learn and explore….….anyone coming to mind?  Click here to provide me with their emails, and I’ll add them to my mailing list.

‘Cause here’s the thing….I know you love this Blog!  You are reading my First Blogversary Post right now, aren’t you?  But I REALLY need your help to make my Blog grow!!!!  Helping me expand my reach is the life-blood of a Blog.  I’ve spent a year planting my seeds.  I need you to help me make those blogging seeds grow!!!  Click here to make the Curious Cowgirl garden grow!

Can you win more than once?  YUP!  This form allows you to fill in five email addresses.  You can submit the form as many times as you want to!!!  Break out those address books, friends, and get after it!

Do you have to live in Dallas?  Nope!  Almost all my goodies can be packaged up and mailed!

I’ll announce the winners each day at the end of each Blog post…..so be sure you are reading ‘till the end!

Huge BIG GIANT hugs and kisses from The Curious Cowgirl! 

Happy First Blogversary, y’all!