Hey y’all!  I’ll admit it….I have the MOST irreverent sense of humor.  Truly.  And the other day, a post on Facebook caught my eye, and had me doubled over with laughter…I want to share the details with you today, in hopes that you will chuckle too.  Because laugher is the best medicine…you can Googly that!


A few times on this Blog, I have spotlighted information or people whom I’ve “gotten to know” through Social Media.  In this post, I introduced you to an AMAZING  Vintage Crafting Rock Star of a gal:  Magpie Ethel.  And in this post, I highlighted several Instagram accounts I follow that are either interesting or inspirational.  Social Media is not always a black hole of wasted time.

Yesterday, I came across a Facebook post that originated with the City of Savannah, Georgia.  And for a Travel Blogger like myself, Savannah is for SURE a place I’d love to explore, and share with all of y’all.  However, this window into this charming Southern city is slightly….well….funnier than you might expect.  Here’s a link.  In a nut-shell, someone placed a pair of Googly Eyes on a historic bronze memorial statue.  And the internet lost its mind.  In the best possible way!


Here’s the original Facebook Post






There were SO MANY more hilarious pictures on this thread….I had to choose just a few.  But the googly jokes did not EVEN begin to stop there…



Possibly my favorite….



Some people seemed REALLY scared (hahahaha)




OMG….LOLOLOL….people….y’all are FUNNY!  And in case any copy-caters out there needed a product source, this googly eyes review on Amazon is THE BEST!



A few of the hashtags that were hilarious: #GooglyEyeTheWorld #googlyeyebandit #letmegooglythatforyou

Just when it seemed that there was no hope for righting this terrible wrong….a wee voice spoke up….



Whew!  Thank goodness for a voice of reason in all this googly CHAOS.  But…the funny didn’t not end there.  Turns out, “adding flair” to public statues and monuments is not just a Savannah thing….




OK…that’s funny!  Here’s a link to more information about the hilarity in Glasgow.  And yes….even yours truly has witnessed similar decor in the most unlikely of places…..PARIS!



High-five to the internet on this one….I’ll just end with one final comment:



Lead image PC:  The City of Savannah, Georgia

The Curious Cowgirl neither endorses nor condones defacement of or adding flair to public art….but I’m still laughing….a LOT!

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