Hey y’all!  As I shared with you a few days ago, it’s been a fast three months since I launched The Curious Cowgirl, and WOW….THANK YOU to all the folks across the country who are following my Blog!  If you have not been here since the beginning, or have…you know…a life…and have not read every single post I’ve put out…I’m going to spend this week rounding up my posts in Travel, Lifestyle, and Personalities.  Today….let’s do a Lifestyle Roundup!


Roundup Dallas Antique Company Earrings

The Curious Cowgirl likes to get a good shop on as much as the next gal….Shopping Lifestyle Roundup:

  • I recently shared this post on a Dallas memories Facebook page, and someone made the comment that Northpark Center is like shopping in a museum.  That’s so true!  While Northpark Center houses some of my favorite stores in Dallas, the art on display is truly extraordinary!  Whether you are a Dallas resident, or planning to visit Dallas soon, spending some time admiring the art is well worth it!
  • For those of you whose lifestyle includes loving all things Texas, I introduced you in this post to three darling shops at the Shed at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.  From jewelry, to t-shirts, ball caps to art work, you can find plenty of Texas gear here!  If you haven’t been to the Dallas Farmers Market recently, you should!  Lots to do and see down there!



Roundup Needlepoint Christmas Ornament

Every lifestyle is different, and we all enjoy those free moments differently.  The Curious Cowgirl has a few hobbies I’ve enjoyed sharing with y’all.  Here’s a Hobby Lifestyle Roundup:

  • When I posted about needlepointing here, I was so surprised by the response! I had no idea how many of my readers shared my same passion!  I even discovered that my friend Suzanne and I needlepointed the SAME stocking for our daughters, who are friends on their high school drill team.  How fun is that?!  Be sure and keep those suggestions for wonderful needlepoint shops coming!  They are getting fewer and far between, I’m afraid!
  • Reading and documentary films are two more hobbies I enjoy.  I shared my Top Ten favorite books in the post, and SO APPRECIATED all the comments from readers who shared their favorites!  Don’t you love a good reading list?  I also shared my favorite documentary films with you in this post.  My list was complied with a lot of input from my husband Will, who first introduced me to quality documentary films.  In May, I’ll be able to add more to my documentary list after attending the Dallas International Film Festival!  I can’t wait!



Roundup Mid Century Barware

I’m not gonna lie….my taste in home decor leans toward the funkier side, so here’s my Home Decor Lifestyle Roundup:

  • I’m always on the hunt for the fun and unique to decorate my home.  I highlighted two of my favorite haunts in Dallas in this post.  Both have ever-changing inventory, and both offer true bargains, if you are willing to dig a little!
  • Even the funkiest art can rise to a higher level of aesthetic quality when given a well-constructed frame.  Douglass Frames is the go-to shop for beautiful hand-crafted and high-quality custom frames!  Check out this post to read more about this jewel of a shop in Dallas.


Thank y’all again for following my Blog!  I really love sharing my crazy life with you, and am so glad you are along for the ride!