One of the interesting aspects of creating a Blog, is learning about who is following me….or my demographic.  How do I know this info?  In this day-and-age friends, ain’t nobody living “off the grid” and The Google (Google to its friends) keeps all kinds of stats on everything we do on-the-line (online to its friends).  I have learned that right now, my primary demographic is Women, Ages 35-65, living in Texas, NYC and Italy.  The primary social media platform most of y’all are on is Facebook.  But what about Instagram?  Let’s branch out, shall we?  Today, I want you to meet My Instagram Friends.

In order to market my Blog, I spend a HUGE amount of time on Social Media.  And Instagram has been amazing community for me to “meet” people or businesses.  I’m going to group My Instagram Friends, and hopefully you will be inspired to follow their accounts, too.


My Instagram Friends:  Art and Antique Dealers or Shows


My Instagram Friends Willbrackenevans

@willbrackenevans Full disclosure…he’s my hubby!  He is a voracious Instagrammer of art and antiques.


My Instagram Friends Steven Powers

@stevenspowers Great friend, and I also profiled him in this post.


My Instagram Friends South Road Antiques

@southroadantiques Truly one of the kindest women I have met in a long while, and an eye for fabulous art and antiques.


My Instagram Friends Josh Lowenfels

@joshlowenfels There is no one in the whole wide world quite like Josh, and I simply adore him!  His profile on my Blog is here.


My Instagram Friends Estate Jewelry Mama

@estatejewelrymama Soooo dangerous for me…because every single piece of antique jewelry she posts I want….sigh….


My Instagram Friends Rare Elements

@rare_elements Beau Ryan was one of very first cheerleaders when I stared my Blog, and he has become a resource for many friends who have valuable art and antiques they need to sell.  Here’s the post I wrote about him.


My Instagram Friends:  Fashion Bloggers

My Instagram Friends Tanya Foster Blog

@TanyaFosterBlog She keeps it real for those of us who are 50ish, and she has been a Mentor to me from Day 1.  Super grateful for this friend!


My Instagram Friends Truly Megan Blog

@trulymeganblog Megan has been a dear friend for many years, and we both share an affinity for Worth clothing.  She’s new to the Blogging game, so give her some love!


My Instagram Friends Patti Flowers

@pattiflowers Patti is the embodiment of sophistication.  Here’s a great post written by above mentioned Tanya Foster, highlighting the sheer joy of working with Patti on her daughter’s wedding.


My Instagram Friends Brigitte Marie Foret

@brigittemarieforet If you believe that it’s possible to make friends with someone on Instagram, then this spunky fellow Texan is that for me!


My Instagram Friends Teggy French

@teggyfrench I love color, and so does this bold and unique fashionista!


My Instagram Friends Butch Wax Vintage

@butchwaxvintage I have followed this vintage clothing dealer for YEARS.  Her finds are jaw-dropping.  I dream of buying just about everything she posts.


My Instagram Friends:  Needlepointing

My Instagram Friends The Plum Stitchery

@theplumbstitchery Joanna is an amazing needlepoint canvas designer.  I have purchased many of her designs through my local shop.  Her mid-century designs are my particular favorites!


My Instagram Friends Annie & Company

@annieandco_needlepoint A wonderful NYC needleworking shop…and I’m working on a FUN collaboration with them….stay tuned needlepointing friends!


My Instagram Friends:  Lifestyle and Travel

My Instagram Friends Whiski Designs

@whiskidesigns LOVE this young female entrepreneur and her whimsical hand-lettered products.  I profiled India in this post.


My Instagram Friends Tara Milk Tea

@taramilktea All I can say about her photos is that they are simply breathtaking.  There’s an amazing amount of artistic design behind each and every one.


My Instagram Friends Travel In Her Shoes

@travel_inhershoes Same comment as above….and I think her personality is really endearing.


My Instagram Friends Magpie Ethel

@magpieethel This lady is on my bucket list.  I’m not kidding.  She repurposes a million tiny things into the CRAZIEST CUTE holiday decor I have ever seen.  A profile is in the works….stay tuned!


My Instagram Friends Blissfully Vintage Texas

@blissfullyvintagetexas Another repurpose creative artist who is also a fellow Texan!


My Instagram Friends:  Just for Laughs

@subwaycreatures It’s mind-boggling what people will do, say…or wear…on public transportation.

@pleasehatethesethings The comments….that’s where the GOLD is….

@awkwardfamilyphotos Self-explanatory.  You’re welcome.


Now….one Instagram account you should all check out…..mine, obviously.  HA!  @thecuriouscowgirl

And….I’d LOVE to know about your favorite Instagramers…..let me know in the comments below!

See you on Instagram (The Gram to its friends).