Vintage Christmas Tablecloths, Santa Blow Molds, Shiny Brite glass ornaments and sequined felt stockings.  All elements of Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas.  I love every single thing about Vintage Christmas décor, and my love has turned into a hobby. Maybe even a bit of an obsession.  Today I’m giving you a peek at My Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas.


First Published: December 19, 2018 Last Updated: September 5, 2019


Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

Let me begin by saying that I decorate with actual Vintage Christmas decorations.  I have collected for over ten years now, and have a warehouse (yes, you read that right) full of crates of 1940’s Christmas Decorations, 1950’s Christmas Decorations, and a few things from the 1960’s and even 1970’s.

I’m a MORE is MORE person, and I hunt all year long for special things to add to my collection.  From the Brimfield Antiques and Flea Market, to Estate Sales in my own home town, I’m always looking!


Red and green ceramic Christmas elves on a table



1950’s Christmas Decorations

I can’t really pinpoint when my collecting got started.  I think it was probably when we moved my grandparents out of their home of 40 years and into retirement living, and I took home a few small boxes of 1950’s Christmas decorations.  There was a set of tiny pixie elves that my Ganny put on the small tree they set up in their living room window, as well as an Elf that sat on their mantel every Christmas.  My Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas began with memories of my grandparents’ home.


A red Elf On the Shelf Vintage Christmas Decoration


From a set of pixie elves, and one Elf with a moth-eaten collar, to what has now grown into a massive collection….so big I can’t put it all out every year, I’d say I’m fully in.  I collect all year ‘round.  You just never know when some dusty flea market bin, or an estate sale down the street is going to yield an entire set of red flocked plastic reindeer.

This travel blogger has found treasures in NYC, in Massachusetts, in Dallas, in East Texas, in London, in Rome….and most recently in Paris.  I shrieked when I found  little 1920’s Santas and a delicate paper bowl.  I shrieked in French, so it was all good.

Many designers will tell you that collections can be better appreciated when similar objects are grouped together.  I hang every bell I can find with red gross grain ribbons from my chandelier. The afore mentioned red flocked reindeer always gather in a herd on my china cabinet, along with a new Santa head I found this year at a local flea market, and a vintage honey comb garland I found on Etsy.  (Etsy is A GREAT place for Vintage Christmas by-the-way).



red and green Vintage Christmas Bell Ornaments



I like to call my office mantle decorated with only angels, some made by me as a child and some made by my children, the “Angels We Have Heard on High” garland.  Those sweet faces make me ridiculously happy!


My Vintage Christmas Garland of Angels


So if I can’t use it all, why keep looking?  Well, because I deeply love Vintage Christmas, and the thought of a 1920’s pipe cleaner Santa ending up in a land fill somewhere makes me feel ill.  I’ll bring that little dude home with me and he can chat it up with the tubs and tub and tubs of stuff I have in my garage….and in my warehouse.


White Sequined Bells on a Vintage Christmas Tablecloth


Over the years I have learned more about what is “valuable” and what is not.  But I absolutely don’t care.  My goal is not to amass a valuable collection.  My goal is to collect it ALL.  Period.  I adore the comments I hear from anyone who is in my home over the Holidays.  “Oh wow….my grandparents had those.”  Or “We had one of those when I was growing up.”  Nostalgia all wrapped up in a green and red bow!

I know that for many folks, the idea of decorating for Christmas with old kitchy plastic holly and Vintage Christmas tablecloths that have a stain or two from some other family’s turkey and cranberry sauce is not your style.

No worries.  Just call me when you need to unload your parent’s attic.  I’ll be MORE than happy to take that stuff right off your hands!

Merry Vintage Christmas, y’all!

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