What’s more exciting than a Girl’s Trip to NYC?  How about a Girl’s Trip to NYC that centers around…..a wonderful needlepoint canvas, a fabulous teacher, and fun friends who love needlepointing?  You bet!  I recently hosted a fun group on a Needlepointing Retreat.  And we had a BALL!


Needlepointing:  So Much More Than Just

A Great Needlepoint Canvas

First of all, for all you non-needlepointers, here’s the deal.  People who needlepoint…who really love needlepoint….stitch all the time!  They stitch at home, in carpool line, in the waiting room of all doctor’s appointments.  Needlepointers stitch on planes, on long car rides.  There’s a needlepoint canvas nearby at all times. Clearly, they stitch every chance they get.  Sounds a little like a hobby-turned-addiction, right?  Well…maybe a teensy bit.

I have needlepointed for many years, and detailed my journey in this post.  But, I never participated in a Needlepoint Retreat.  Didn’t even know that they are a “thing.”  Once I learned, clearly I needed to organize a retreat myself!  And the obvious spot….NYC!


Needlepointing in NYC

Why?  Well, because NYC has something for everyone!  Museum lovers?  Check.  Musical lovers?  Obviously check.  Foodies….shoppers?  Check and check.  No worries about finding engaging activities outside of the actual needlepointing moments.

Our needlepoint canvas?  Undoubtedly, it HAD to be an iconic NYC image.  Our choice?  The Rockefeller Christmas Tree!

The next most important decision:  find the PERFECT Needlepoint Teacher.  And lucky me, one of the best lives in my hometown.  The famous Patricia Sone, whom I profiled a few months ago.  I secured my dates on her very busy dance card, and she designed the most wonderful stitch guide to transform our needlepoint canvas into something really special!


Patricia Sone with planter of flowers in NYC

Patricia Sone….otherwise known as Needlepointing Yoda (at least to me)


The NYC Itinerary

Our group arrived in NYC on a Thursday.  Patricia and I arrived early in the day to make sure all our needlepointing ducks were in a row, and spent the afternoon enjoying the city.  And….planning the next retreat.  More on that later! In particular, we thoroughly enjoyed a new exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum.



The Curious Cowgirl Needlepoint Retreat


By 6:30, it was time to get this needlepoint party started, and we began our weekend with cocktails and dinner at one of my favorite spots in Murray Hill, Madison Bistro.  It’s one of the restaurants included in my NYC Restaurant Guide.  Properly introduced, and well-fed, our group parted ways to get a good night’s sleep.

Friday morning!  Day One!  With a bagel and cream cheese in hand, Patricia and I made our way to Annie & Company, on the Upper East Side.  Thankfully, the store’s manager, Letty, was a huge help in getting all our needlepoint canvas and threads ready!


Annie & Company Store Window


The group arrived at 11, giddy with excitement!  I’m not sure our NYC hosts were prepared for all our exuberant Texas selves.  Ha!  Eventually, everyone got situated, with portable LED lights firmly in place, and we got to work.


Patricia Sone and Lori Whitlow working on a needlepoint canvas


We stitched until 1:45, and then it was time to get out and enjoy some amazing NYC activities.  Afterward, we ate lunch at Pescalou, just a few blocks from Annie & Company.  Wonderful little French Bistro, that everyone really enjoyed.


Needlepoint Retreat Lunch at Pescalou


Some of the group peeled off after lunch, to do their own thing.  As I have said before, when I plan trips, I’m a Dictator, but a benevolent Dictator!  Those who stayed with me enjoyed a walk down Madison Avenue, experiencing some of my favorite shops and sites, which I detailed in this post.

We detoured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which always has so many wonderful exhibits to see.  Then, dinner at another of my favorite French Bistros.  Wonderful first day!


Needlepoint Retreat:  Day Two

Needlepoint Supplies


Day Two, same song second verse.  Except today, we had lunch brought into Annie & Company, so we could stitch a little longer, and soak up as much of Patricia’s wonderful teaching as possible.  She also took the time to show us several different Needlepoint Supplies for sale in the shop, that might help us stay more organized and stitch better.  The afternoon was spent shopping in SoHo for those who stayed with me, drinks at The Crosby Street Hotel, one of my favorite bars in NYC!  Finally, dinner in Little Italy, and an enjoyable walk from Grand Central back to our hotel.


Needlepoint Canvas instruction

Learning wonderful stitches from the best teacher!


Besides new needlepoint stitches, and improved needlepointing skills, what else did we learn?

We discussed books we should all be reading.  We shared apps that everyone should have on their phone.  All the girls talked about our children, our husbands and significant others, and our pets.  Sounds like a typical Girl’s Trip, right ladies?

Feeling fully recharged, in only the way a great Girl’s Trip can make me feel, we parted ways on Saturday afternoon, so that everyone could enjoy one last night in NYC as they pleased.


2019 Curious Cowgirl Needlepoint Retreat at Annie & Company


We had a wonderful time!  If you are a needlepoint shop owner, and would like for me to organize a Needlepoint Retreat at YOUR shop, please send me an email!  I’m always in search of the next needlepoint canvas or needlepoint kit for a fun retreat!


Annie & Company Mascot

Lou Lou….master stitcher and mascot of Annie & Company