New York Manhattan Crosby Street Hotel Yellow Cab Cafe Gitane Katz's Deli

Photo Credit: The Crosby Street Hotel/Firmdale Hotels

New York Manhattan Crosby Street Hotel Yellow Cab Cafe Gitane Katz's Deli


Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple with a good NYC Travel Guide, Y’all!

It’s hard to imagine a city I love more than New York City. The more I’m there, the more I discover, and my curiosity is never fully satisfied, making the Big Apple endlessly interesting and exciting. In order to really soak up as much of the city as possible, it’s always good to have a plan before you get there (y’all will learn that I am a BIG fan of having a good travel plan always). I hope that my NYC Travel Guide will help you have a wonderful trip!

GETTING THERE: There are three major airports that service Manhattan: LaGuardia, JFK and Newark (in New Jersey). Of the three, LaGuardia is my personal favorite, with quick access directly into the heart of the city. There’s an abundance of taxis at all airports, a very common method of transportation, so don’t be afraid to get in line for a cab! Of course, you can always find a car service, if you’d rather.


New York Manhattan Crosby Street Hotel Yellow Cab Cafe Gitane Katz's Deli


GIVING DIRECTIONS: Manhattan is laid out in a North-South and East-West grid, as opposed to other cities where the streets meander and loop around in a crazy way. When you give a taxi driver the address of where you want to go, you tell them the actual physical address, and then the streets that address is in between. Lemme give you an example: “Please take me to The Palace Hotel at 455 Madison Avenue, between 50th & 51st.” That detailed direction will help the cab driver know if you are on the West Side, East Side, below Central Park, etc., saving time, and avoiding unnecessarily high cab fares.

WHERE TO STAY: Manhattan is chock-full of diverse neighborhoods, and each offers a different experience. My recommendation: as you are creating your touring plan (see…you gotta have a plan) you might notice that you are frequenting one area more than others…let that determine in what part of town you stay. I have stayed at The Palace and that’s a great choice if you want to be in mid-town near Rockefeller Center.  My personal favorite? Hard to choose, but I do love the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo. Fabulous and interesting hotel, with unique décor, and the most hip and cool bar and restaurant!

GETTING AROUND: My husband and I use all modes of transportation in NYC….cabs, Uber, the subway, and our feet. Here’s a post about riding the Subway, because I find that a lot of people are intimidated by the subway. It’s VERY efficient, and easy, and safe (if you pay attention to your surroundings).


New York Manhattan Crosby Street Hotel Yellow Cab Cafe Gitane Katz's Deli

The Curious Cowgirl at Katz’s Deli


WHERE TO EAT: Lordy ya’ll…there’s sooooo many wonderful places. Ask your friends, ask your co-workers. There some great Instragram Pages I follow like:  @eatingnyc and @eatmenyc .  Don’t be afraid to wander and discover on your own!  A few suggestions from lil’ ol me, and most are NOT gonna show up in many guide books: Breakfast: Café Gitane (Nolita location). Lunch spots: EAT (Upper East Side), Katz’s Deli (East Village), Balthazar (SoHo). Drinks: Crosby Street Hotel Bar (SoHo) or The Campbell Apartment (Grand Central Station). Dinner: Arturo’s (SoHo), Madison Bistro (Murray Hill), Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery (NoHo)…and that’s barely scratching the SURFACE of all the wonderful places I love.



  • Always always opt for the comfortable walking shoes vs. the fashionable choice! Nothing will ruin a trip to NYC faster that a blister that makes you miserable every step you take! I have found that Clark’s makes super comfortable and fashionable footwear!
  • In the winter, layer up! Bitter cold can become stifling hot as you transition from outside to inside several times a day. Hats, gloves and scarves are a must, in addition to a good down coat, that comes down to at least your knees, if not below!
  • I suggest leaving your big purses in the hotel room, and opt for a good cross-body purse. Much less chance of any unsavory encounters when you purse is close to your body. Plus your hands will be free to snap lots of photos, or carry lots of shopping bags…or BOTH!
  • Traveling with kids, especially during the Holidays?  Read more here.  Want some recommendations from a true New Yorker?  Read more here.


For deeper information about visiting NYC, click here for a tour of Grand Central Terminal, click here for a great guide to visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, click here for tips on riding the NYC subway, and for those of you visiting NYC during the Christmas holidays, click here and click here!  xoxo

Please comment, and let me know YOUR NYC favorites!!!


Giddy up, y’all!

Mary, The Curious Cowgirl