Hey y’all.  If you can’t already tell, The Curious Cowgirl sometimes has a very irreverent sense of humor.  When traveling, I can often be found taking snaps of things I find hilarious, rather than the famous museum looming in the distance.  I just think people can be really really funny, and on many travels, I have stumbled upon some of the funniest signs…and today I am sharing each sign with you!



I totally love “The Main Thing” sign I found hanging on the wall of The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach, CA.  I shared it once on Facebook, and the response I got was pretty interesting.  This roughly made sign really sums up a pretty significant philisophical perspective, and a daily challenge for this gal (and a lot of others, evidently, based on the comments I received) who like to worry about/think about/plan for/hope for all at the same time all of the time.  Anybody else feel me???


Sign in Piazza Navona


I shared this image on my Instagram not long ago.  Hope you are following me there, because I serve up some good travel info on Instagram that does not always make it to the Blog!  Anyway….I spotted this sign in the window of an English book store in Rome.  The store literally faces Piazza Navona, so it totally cracked me up thinking about how many tourists have asked for directions to Piazza Navona over the years…the sign is just dripping with funny irony, don’t you think?  And, I think it’s SO easy as a tourist to get all wrapped up in finding directions to a site, seeing the site, figuring out the directions to the next site, etc.  Many of my best travel moments have happened when my nose was not buried in a travel guide book!


post it note sign


New York City offerers endless opportunities to partake in the unusual, ironic, and unexpected….completely why I LOVE this city.  A few years ago, my husband and I were walking off our favorite breakfast at Cafe Gitane in Nolita, and I spied this yellow sticky note, a tiny sign, clinging to a bench with steadfastness that I did not know stickies really posessed….but I digress.  Will and I both cracked up at this little note, and the person who wrote it.  I’ll not go off on an inner dialog tangent, but isn’t that note epically awesome????  A true travel gem!


Brass boy peeing Sign

girl on toilet sign


OK y’all…I have been looking forward to sharing these images with you for a while now.  The story:  on a trip to Paris, Will and I had lunch at the famous Ma Bourgogne in the Place des Vosges.  I highly recommend enjoying a meal there…BUT,,,,the sign on each bathroom is beyond funny!  Have you ever seen signage on a bathroom door that is more direct about the activities you can participate in on the other side of the door?  LOL!


Tire store sign


A little closer to home is the small East Texas town of Jacksonville.  I have GREAT friends from Jacksonville that I have profiled in this post, and in case you are not familiar with Jacksonville, the town hosts a Tomato Fest each year!  Go experience this unique small-town-Texas festival, and be sure and take the time to walk around the downtown area, decorated with many concrete tomatoes, painted in various ways.  I think this particular tomato sign outside the tire store is so funny!  I’m easily entertained, y’all!!!!

From Texas, to Paris, to California, to New York…..THIS is why I write the Curious Cowgirl Blog!  I find so much joy in travel, from the art, the history, the food….and the window into the true uniqueness of humanity illustrated in a simple sign.

I hope you are enjoying the journey too!!!!