Hey y’all!  As I shared with you this week, it’s been a fast three months since I launched The Curious Cowgirl, and WOW….THANK YOU to all the folks across the country who are following my Blog!  One of my favorite topics is a good Fascinating Personality.  I love meeting new and interesting folks, and then sharing their stories with you! If you have not been here since the beginning, or have…you know…a life…and have not read every single post I’ve put out…I’m going to round up my gal pals…who are the BEST Fascinating Personalities I know! Today….let’s do a Fascinating Personality Roundup!


Fascinating Personality Melissa Macatee


Wonderful friend, accomplished photographer, and fascinating personality, Melissa has been photographing everything from children, to social events, to sporting events for over fifteen years!  Her latest accomplishment….publishing the wonderful photographic collection “Steeples of Texas.”  Check out this post to read more about her journey across Texas!


Fascinating Personalities Libby Hunt


Miss Libby is one smart, fun and funny fellow Texan, and her movie reviews are not-to-be-missed!  She is real, and her reviews are honest, and I just love this friend who, in her self-declared “second act” of life, is following her passion for film, both on and off the screen.  Click here to learn more about this film-tastic fascinating personality!


Fascinating Personalities Jenna Jackson


Speaking of movies, don’t we all want to walk the red carpet at one of those swanky Hollywood Award Shows?  Well, Jenna did….and brought herself home her very on Emmy Award!  BAM!  She’s gutsy, and hard-working, and seeks out the truth, no matter how long that journey takes.  I just think she’s fabulous, and her company P+R Productions is doing amazing things in the Film and TV world!  Read more about this fascinating personality here!


Fascinating Personality Tanya Foster

Photo Credit: Audrie Dollins


Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing Tanya Foster.  Wait….if this is a Fascinating Personality Roundup, you might be wondering why I have included Tanya, since I have not written a post about her.  The answer is simple….without Tanya, I would not have embarked on the Curious Cowgirl journey.  Tanya kindly invited me to be a guest Blogger on TanyaFoster.com, and with Tanya’s encouragement, decided to try my hand at blogging.  She has been an invaluable mentor and sounding board, and never tires (at least she never tells me she does) of answering my countless questions.  Forever grateful for her guidance and friendship, I highly encourage y’all to check out this truly fascinating personality!