They say, laughter is the best medicine.  And laughter is good for stress, and depression, and for generally taking everything down a notch.  Or two.  Or ten.  So today, I’ve rounded up some very funny travel memes that have made me laugh out loud these past few days. I hope you have the same reaction.  Sometimes I have a weird sense of humor, so we will see how this goes.


Hilarious Travel Memes


Hey team!  How is everyone?  Seriously!  How are you?  I hope well, and home, and sane.  It looks like we are all gonna be here another minute….and that’s OK.  Taking care of ourselves, our families, our community, and our country is Priority #1.  So, if we need to stay home longer, then we can do this!

Since my “screen time” is up about 2000% these days, I’ve been saving a few travel memes that made me and Will laugh.  Some maybe you have seen.  Others perhaps not.  Either way, settle in, and let’s have a laugh together today!


My first selection is a “work from home” scenario.  Some industries (like mine….travel writing and podcast hosting) I do from my home already.  But other professions in the travel industry, may not translate as well.  Take a watch:




They say (again…who is “they”…I keep referencing “they” but I have no idea who “they” are….I digress…).  They say, dreaming about travel is a good way to pass the time right now.  Well, the Instagram account TheFatJewish disagrees.


a cartoon man wearing a face mask with graphic text overlay



If travel themed home decor is your bag, you might want to reconsider.  Again, Instagram for the win with this funny meme from the account MyTherapistSays.


Gather Sign hanging on a wall



One of the aspects of travel that is very important, is knowing what your travel dates are.  If you need help with organizing your travel dates, this will certainly help!


Day of the Week Meme



Seriously though, I’m still working on travel plans.  Here’s my short list of options….let me know if you have tips or recommendations for any of the locations!


vacationing in rooms of your house meme



Also, I know we all worry about our pets a little when we travel.  Are they lonely?  Are they missing us?  Are they pooping all over the house?  That kind of thing.  Well, I’m thinking that right about now, they have a question or two for us.  Like this one:


a cat lounging beside a computer


Finally, and totally travel unrelated, but whatever.  If you are feeling a little blue, there’s a couple of really good places you can go on the Internets that will lift your spirits.

The first is the actress Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Account.  I RARELY follow any celebrity on Social Media.  But, since the onset of the Coronavirus, Jennifer recognized that kids are probably going to miss their end of year dance recitals, piano recitals, etc.  And, with all this extra time on our hands, folks are getting pretty creative at home.  So she is sharing funny, clean, and uplifting videos on her Instagram Stories.  Check them out!

And finally, if you are a fan of the TV Show “The Office”, John Krasinski just released the first of a series of videos he is calling The SGN Network, which stands for Some Good News.  He’s showcasing funny and uplifting stories, fun interviews, and more.  He cracks me up.  You can follow along on his Facebook Page.


Here’s your homework assignment.  Ready?  Share this Blog Post with TWO friends who could use a laugh.  We WILL get through this together!!!!


a woman in a blue dress with text overlay







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