Vintage Linens:  Placemats


All the Vintage Linen Placemats listed on this page are available in the quantities listed.

All linens are either New/Old stock or Vintage.  All are in perfect condition.  All are GORGEOUS!

When inquiring about placing an order, please email marythecuriouscowgirl@gmail.com and specify the style and quantity desired.


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Round Placemat Style F

16″ Round Placemat Style F: Quantity 10. Price per Placemat $20


Pink Vintage Placemats

Pink Vintage Placemats Quantity 8 $55



Round Placemat Style E

12″ Round Placemat Style E Quantity 9 Price Per Placemat $15


Yellow Thistle Placemats

Yellow Thistle Placemats Quantity 4 $40



Round Placemat Style H

16″ Round Placemat Style H. Quantity 6. Price per Placemat $20



Rectangle Placemat Style J

19″x 12.5″ Rectangle Placemat Style J. Quantity 12. Price per Placemat $20


Burnt Orange Linen Set

Burnt Orange Linen Set Quantity 6 $45



Rectangle Placemat Style D

21″x14″Rectangle Placemat Style D. Quantity 8. Price per Placemat $20



Rectangle Placemat Style A

19″x13″ Rectangle Placemat Style A. 4 Available. Price per Placemat $15



Rectangle Placemat Style G

20″x14″ Rectangle Placemat Style G. Quantity 77. Price per Placemat $20



Round Placemat Style N

16″ Round Placemat Style N. Quantity 8. Price per Placemat $15



Rectangle Placemat Style R

19″x13″ Rectangle Placemat Style R. Quantity 8. Price per Placemat $15



I believe age makes simple objects more beautiful.  And the magic of Antiques & Vintage is the magic and sweetness that attaches itself to objects passed from one set of hands to another. Thank you for adding a lovely Antique or Vintage item to your collection, each  personally sourced by The Curious Cowgirl herself. 

I love scouring Flea MarketsAntique Shows and frequent Estate Sales, looking for the unique or interesting. I travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.

It’s easy to incorporate Antiques and Vintage into daily living.  From home decor to clothing to table decorations, I’ll show you how to mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.

Thank you for shopping with me!  And check back often!  I’m always on the hunt and adding new goodies (if I don’t keep them for myself)!



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