It’s February, and romance is in the air!  There’s so many ways to tell your Special Someone “I Love You”!  Romantic Restaurants seem to be a popular choices for many!  And Romantic Restaurants in Paris or Romantic Restaurants in Manhattan might just be at the top of the full-on romance list.  Here’s my recommendations!


Romantic Restaurants


I realize that finding the perfect Romantic Restaurant is not just a Valentines Day activity.  If good food shared with someone you adore is your favorite Love Language, then this list will be helpful to you no matter what the Holiday or occasion!

Probably an obvious statement, but do plan ahead and make reservations well in advance of your desired day.  Otherwise, you might find yourself limited to the restaurant with screaming kids and french fries all over the floor.  And while that scenario does have a unique charm, it may not be exactly what the doctor ordered in the romance category.


a man and woman smiling at the camera in a taxi cab

My favorite date, no matter where I am dining!



Romantic Restaurants in Paris


A few general tips that will help make your dining experience even better!

  • Attire:  Paris is the fashion capital of the world, so dressing smart, but sensibly is recommended.  Rarely do you see Parisians wearing jeans. Cobblestone streets are uncommon, so heels are doable.  But keep in mind how far you may be walking to reach your restaurant.  If you take the Metro, you will be walking for sure!  If you take a cab, you will be let out at the front door of your restaurant, but you will have to walk to a cab stand when finished, unless your restaurant will call a cab for you.  So, choose your foot-ware wisely.


  • Tipping:  This is not necessary at all, because gratuity is included, unless your waiter was really awesome.  If you just feel too guilty to not tip, 1-2 Euro for a moderately priced meal is perfectly fine.


  • General Politeness:  Parisians expect a “bonjour”  (good day) or a “bonsoir”  (good evening) as the first words you exchange.  Say hello, good morning, good evening whenever walking into a store, a restaurant, etc.  English…French…whatever…just smile and be polite!  Think how many tourists the locals deal with all the time.  Being polite can go a LONG way!


  • Keep a Good Perspective:  You are in a whole other country.  It’s NOT going to be just like it is at home, and that’s OK.  After all, why travel if you are simply experiencing the same old same old you are used to at home.  Embrace the differences, respect the differences, expand you heart, your mind, and your soul!!


Let’s dive into my top three recommendations for Romantic Restaurants in Pairs.  I have personally enjoyed romantic meals at every restaurant I am recommending.  Trust me….they are fabulous!


Frenchie ($$$$) Run, don’t walk, to this totally wonderful set menu restaurant!  Chef Greg Marchand knocks it out of the park with each dish, and has a Michelin star to prove it!  Wine pairings available.  Hard-to-get reservations….but worth it!  Start checking their on-line booking calendar 35 days before your desired date. 5 Rue du Nil, 75002 2nd Arrondissement   www.frenchie-ruedunil.com


Restaurant La Mediterranee ($$$) Beautiful interior décor with excellent fish dishes! It’s cozy and totally romantic.  2 Place de l’Odéon, 75006  6th Arrondissement Reservations necessary.  www.la-mediterranee.com


La Fontaine de Mars ($$$)  One of the most charming traditional French restaurants I have ever enjoyed!  Food is consistent and delicious.  In the winter it’s cozy and romantic inside.  In the warmer months, there’s outside seating that’s romantic, not for the view, but because it’s so so authentically Parisian!  Also, you are within a couple of blocks from the Eiffel Tower, and a post-dinner stroll near the Eiffel Tower is ohh-la-la! Attentive staff.  129 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007  7th Arrondissement Reservations necessary.  www.fontainedemars.com

If you are interested in ALL my Paris Restaurant Recommendations, My Paris Restaurant Guide has over 25 suggestions throughout Paris.  Simply click here to get your own copy. 


tables with red checked tablecloths on a Patio in a restaurant in Paris

The lovely La Fountaine de Maris in Paris



Romantic Restaurants in Manhattan


A few general tips that will help make your dining experience in New York City even better!


Getting around:  Your feet will be your #1 method of moving around NYC.  On average, I walk between 10-12 miles in one day, as a reference point.  Taxis will be your next easiest mode of transportation.  The Subway is SUPER easy to use, and inexpensive! 


Situational Awareness:  Be smart.  Pickpockets lurk in crowded areas.  Don’t hang a purse on the back of your chair when dining.  Keep your bag and your wallet in front of your body whenever possible.


Let’s get to my top three recommendations for Romantic Restaurants in Manhattan.  Will and I have personally enjoyed romantic meals at every restaurant I am recommending.  I’ll never send you to a restaurant I have not vetted myself.


Il Mulino ($$$) Legendary Upscale Italian in Greenwich Village.  It’s dark and cozy, and the food is fabulous! 86 West 3rd Street (212) 673-3783  https://www.ilmulino.com/downtown


Il Gattopardo ($$$$) Fabulous Italian in a modern chic setting.  13-15 West 54th Street.  (212) 246-0412 Open Table


Le Grand Bistro Lafayette ($$$) Huge Belle Époque style brasserie serving classic French food. It’s lively and can get loud, but the atmosphere makes this a great destination for a romantic meal.  In the warmer months, there’s seating along the sidewalk out front, and that’s always candlelit and charming! 380 Lafayette St. (212) 533-3000 Open Table


a restaurant with tables set with white tablecloths and wine glasses

Le Grande Bistro Lafayette. Large space, but lots of atmosphere!


I also have a NYC Restaurant Guide, and it’s FREE!  If you’d like your own copy, simply click here.


Cue the hearts and flowers.  Grab ahold of the One You Love.  And make plans to experience one of these Romantic Restaurants!




a dark restaurant with tables covered in small lamps and wine glasses with text overlay



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