I can tell my readers have summer travel on the brain!  I’m getting so many inquiries about help creating curated travel itineraries for Rome and Paris!  Gosh I wish could go with y’all….but that would be awkward, right?  Maybe not…I’m a delightful travel companion, if I do say so myself.  I digress.  Something I know everyone needs….travel packing tips. Especially if you are headed overseas!  Let’s get to it!


Travel Packing Tips

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I have been guilty of bad packing so many times, it’s kind of embarrassing.  Like, I’ve left my entire clothes selections hanging in my closet.  I’ve forgotten my make-up bag.  Don’t even ask Will  how many times we’ve had to buy me inclement weather shoes in NYC, because I forgot mine at home.  My point is, all my travel packing tips are in the spirit of helping you avoid more than simply messing up your look.  Packing mistakes can also wreak havoc with your plans and cost you money.  Even worse, you might offend locals, and no one wants to be poster child for The Tacky Tourist.


5 Packing Mistakes to Avoid

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Packing too many stand-alone outfits.  Five days of travel does not mean you should pack five separate outfits.  I encourage you to pick two or three (if you just can’t stand it) pants or skirts, and then pack 5 different tops.  A cardigan or a scarf can make the same outfit look totally different, and unless you are a messy eater or riding a camel through the desert, I bet you could even wear the same top twice, with different accessories.

Not considering the local culture.  In this post, I shared with y’all that one summer, I took my daughter to Rome.  It was hot, and she packed cute shorts and flowing tops.  We both got shooed out of a church, because she was showing too much skin.  Whoops.  I’ve never been to Japan, but I’ve read that “athleasure” (yoga pants people) are considered inappropriate in public.  In many Hindu and Buddhist countries, flip-flops are offensive.  Do your research before your travel.  Always err on the side of more covered up….that’s never a bad decision!

Too Much Bling. I live in a city where big diamonds, big purses, and big hair are the norm.  But, when you travel, I can assure you there are people watching the tourists, picking out their next target.  I’m not trying to scare you, but think about it.  How secure is your giant purse when it’s hanging from your arm?  How much attention is your gorgeous diamond ring attracting as it glints in the sun?  Leave your valuables at home.  It’s not worth the risk, and no one is impressed anyway.  Feel free to rock that big hair, though!

Try On Your Clothes Before Traveling.  Again…I’m guilty.  I recently organized a super fun needlepointing retreat in NYC.  You can read all about it by clicking here.  I brought along a new blouse I was excited to wear.  And guess what.  It was a little….um…snug…in the chest area.  Like so snug, I was kind of popping out all over the place for one entire day.  Lovely.  My needlepointing friends were kind to alert me when I was…unbuttoned.  But, it just kept happening all day long, so eventually they quit telling me.  I guess they figured I wanted to channel my inner Dolly Parton.

Bring Travel Sized Everything. I am literally horrible about this.  And I travel a TON.  If you are super brand-loyal, and can’t find a travel size for your products, then get yourself a set (or two) of TSA travel-size containers.  It’s amazing how much weight you will shave off your bag by simply taking travel size toiletries.  A Travel Packing Tip I personally need to get a grip on!

I hope these travel packing tips have been helpful!  If you are a check-list kind of person, click on the image below for a FREE printable Travel Packing Check List.

Stay organized, my travel-loving friends!


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