Y’all know it’s not polite to ask someone their age.  So I’ll just tell you.  I’m 53.  And just a few short years ago, I had to lean HOW to use Social Media for Business.  With no help.  With no Marketing background or degree.  With no idea what words like algorithm, and feed, and platform, and hashtags really meant.

Why?  Because my Boss asked me to.  I took a deep breath, smiled, and dug in.  Because you know what?  None of us are EVER too Old.  And, we should NEVER stop learning!



How to Use Social Media for Business


Here’s the backstory.  For almost ten years, I was a non-profit consultant, specializing in fund-raising strategies, with a particular focus on Grant Writing.  I was hired by a very new non-profit to write a few grant requests to potential funders.  After a few short months, the founder of the non-profit made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so-to-speak, and I stopped my broader consulting, and worked only with him for almost five years.  Together we built two amazing non-profits.

Like any new business, we had to create a Marketing Plan.  And, with almost zero dollars to spend, we turned to Social Media platforms, which are free, and very effective.

While the Founder was busy developing relationships, cultivating donors, and forming collaborative relationships, I was working hard behind the scenes, and spent a great deal of time learning how to use Social Media for business.


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Never Stop Learning


I began to read every article I could find on the benefits of Social Media for Business.  I learned new terms.  I signed up for classes, and forums, and webinars.  Each of them led by a MUCH younger person than myself.  Much.  I grimaced at the number of times one of them said something along the lines of, “It’s so cool that someone your age is trying out Social Media.”  Geez.  I was only 45.  Hardly one-foot-in-the-grave.  I soldiered on. I learned how to use Social Media for Business.

I wrote copy.  I created Editorial Calendars.  I learned how to use hashtags and edit images.  Eventually, we hired (and fired) a few Social Media Managers.  Who were all a LOT younger than myself.  And all those experiences taught me so much about how to use Social Media for business.

And all those efforts paid off!  Not only for the non-profits I worked for, but also for my own venture, as I started my Travel Blog, The Curious Cowgirl, just two short years ago.  And now, as an Antique & Vintage Dealer at an an Antique Mall and a Web Site.


The Benefits of Social Media for Business


So, enough about me.  Let’s talk about you.

Do you ever feel deep down inside that you are too old, or at least set in your ways, so learn Social Media for your Business?  I know I sure did at one point or another.  My best advice:  Stop it.  You are NOT too old!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the “technology” and “terminology” you think you need to know to really get the full benefits of Social Media for your business?  I felt overwhelmed many times too.  Want my advice?  Stop it.  EVERYTHING is figureoutable….to quote Marie Forleo.

Tough talk here, friend.  Ready?

Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay.  And like it or not, if you are not using Social Media for your Business, you are missing out on countless numbers of potential customers.  Countless.  Did I get your attention?  Good.

How will Social Media help you cultivate new customers?

  • Build A Credible Relationship, regardless of geography, with your Followers.  And Followers can, and often do, become customers.
  • Connect with Like-Minded People.  Familiar with the phrase “birds of a feather flock together”?  Social Media brings flocks of like-minded people together!
  • Diversify your marketing efforts.  Keep placing paper ads!  That’s where your community has been for years.  But guess what.  Your next generation of customers aren’t looking at print.  They are looking at their phones and their computers.  Your business needs to be there too!
  • Drive traffic to your website.  If you have a web site, and rely on that site to produce sales, there’s no better way to get potential customers there, then Social Media.


And you are NOT too old to get in the Social Media Game.  And I can help you!  Here’s how:


Getting Social with The Curious Cowgirl


I know 100% what it feels like to be starting something from scratch.  And I when it comes to leaning something new for a business I OWN, and LOVE, into which I have poured my heart and soul.  That’s even more pressure.

In my Zoom-based workshops, I will take you step-by-step, through the process of posting quality images, and video and links.  We will discuss hashtags.  And content creation.  And scheduling posts, so you aren’t chained to your Social Media.

And as I created each lesson, I put myself right back in my own shoes….at 46 years old…learning all this Social Media stuff from the ground up.  I thought about what confused me.  I thought about what overwhelmed me.  I thought about what felt difficult for me.  And I created the content of each workshop so you can feel comfortable and confident on those platforms.


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Social Media Marketing


You know what friend?  I have FAITH in you!  When I say, if I can do it, you can do it too….I’m serious!  I’m not a “techy” person…but I’ve learned a thing or two about technology, and I want you to know what I know!

I’m not a natural “marketer.”  I did not study marketing in school.  Everything I’ve learned, I’ve leaned by hard work and study, and from a jillion different sources.  I don’t want you to have to seek-out a jillion different sources to learn what I have learned.  You might enjoy tuning into my Podcast titled “Getting Social With the Curious Cowgirl.”  I’m discussing Content, and Instagram, and the Benefits of Mentorship.

I want YOU to to learn how to get your business in front of more people, who have the potential to be your customers.  And I want you to do that on Facebook and Instagram.

And I would be delighted to show you how!!!



Let’s Get Social Together!!!!


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