Want to know the #1 Question I get asked ALL the time by Antiques and Vintage Business Owners who want to better utilize Social Media to market their business?  Here it is:  “What in the world do I talk about on Social Media?  Can you help me come up with some great Social Media Post Ideas?”  You bet!  I absolutely can help you find social media topics and turn your every day work into engaging social media posts!


Social Media Post Ideas


Probably one of the biggest obstacles to navigate in the Social Media world is deciding what to talk about.  And while there absolutely needs to be some very specific intentionality behind what you choose to talk about on Social Media, if you are new to Social Media, I want you to get comfortable posting first!  Every social media platform demands consistency.  So…let’s start with just getting consistent, and then we can dive into intentionality.

I don’t want you to get stuck by overthinking social media topics too much right at the start.  Remember, just like building your business, success takes time.  And when it comes to learning a new skill, let’s start with first things first, rather than trying to start in the middle, or even close to the end.

And the first thing is:  be consistent in how often you are posting on Social Media.  And to be consistent, you have to be realistic.

  • If you are RARELY on Social Media, then perhaps once-a-week is a good place to start.
  • If you believe you can handle more…set a goal for twice-a-week.
  • Three times a week would be SUPER awesome!  BUT…if you can’t be consistent, then twice a week is fine.


Social Media Topics


Now that you have made a handshake with yourself about how often you are going to post something, let’s consider some topics that could be an easy source of content.

  • Things that inspire you.  Could be places, could be other people.  Art?  Music?  A quote?  Anything that you find inspirational is absolutely perfect to put on Social Media.  Bonus points if you can tie that point of inspiration to your business.  But don’t let that bog you down.  Simple inspiration is fine!
  • Who do you work with?  Colleagues.  Employees.  If they are comfortable being on Social Media, praising those who help you make the magic happen are always good Social Media post ideas.
  • Tools you use to make your job easier.  Could be a physical product.  Could be a shipping partner.  Could be a book or guide you read that you refer to all the time.  Anything like that makes for an engaging Social Media Post.
  • Days of the Week Hashtags.  #MondayMotivation #TuesdayTips #WanderlustWednesday are just a few examples.
  • Bragging Rights.  Have you been featured in an article somewhere?  Have you been profiled?  Interviewed for a news segment or TV show?  Tell your Followers on Social Media.  Bonus Points if you can share the link!


Those are just a FEW of the zillions of Social Media Topics that are likely right at your fingertips!  Again…the goal here is to get IN THE HABIT OF POSTING!



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Getting Social with the Curious Cowgirl Workshops


There’s so much more to learn about effective Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram.  My Zoom-based workshops are all about teaching Antiques and Vintage Business Owners how to utilize Social Media to Elevate Awareness, Cultivate New Clients and Increase Sales!

I cover many essential topics, including:

  • How to brainstorm content, ensuring that your content is purposeful and intentional.
  • How to create an Editorial Calendar, so you never have to wake up and wonder what you are going to post ever again!
  • How to effectively use Hashtags for greater reach, higher engagement…and for research!!!
  • And much much more!


The doors to my Instagram Workshop are open!  Click here to learn more!


Imagine what a HUGE impact could be made in raising the awareness of your businesses, which would increase the foot traffic at your venue, and significantly increase the probability of more sales….for EVERYONE!

I’m proud of you for your willingness to learn something new, and look forward to working together as you utilize Social Media to Elevate Awareness, Cultivate New Clients and Increase Sales!


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