For those of you selling Antiques or Vintage in “group” settings, like Antique Malls, Antique Shows, or Flea Markets, there’s a common question I am asked frequently.  It relates to Social Media Promotion Ideas.  Here’s the question:  “I don’t want to be the only one who is promoting my booth or my space at an Antique Mall, and Antique Show, or a Flea Market.  How can I get others to do the same?”  Stated another way, are there some good local marketing ideas for our Antique Mall, Antique Show, or Flea Market?  I LOVE this question!  And yes!  There are so many amazing Social Media Promotion Ideas!  Let’s explore some together!


Social Media Promotion Ideas


One of my very favorite beliefs is reflected in the title of this Blog Post.  Rising Tides Lift All Boats.  And what I mean by that is, the more we work together, the more all of us benefit.  Feels like a basic Life Truth, right?  But in the context of selling Antiques or Vintage, how does this apply?

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say you have a booth at an Antique Mall.  And you have made the awesome decision to start promoting your business on Social Media.  You have 100 people following you (for the sake of this example, it does not matter whether it’s Facebook or Instagram).  That means that your Social Media posts have the POTENTIAL to reach up to 100 people.  Another dealer decides to start promoting on Social Media.  And they have 100 people following them.  Now, there’s TWO of you talking about your booths at the same venue, so there’s a POTENTIAL to reach up to 200 people!  Add a third dealer into the mix with 300 followers, and you can see how the POTENTIAL for exposure gets larger every time.  Rising Tides Lift All Boats.

But wait, you might be thinking.  If I’m talking about MY booth, and he is talking about HIS booth, and she is talking about HER booth….how does that benefit ALL of us?  Simply put:  increased foot traffic.  I recently read that owning a business, and not marketing it, is like winking in the dark.  You know you’re doing it, but no one else does.  So at a minimum, the more dealers that are promoting their booth, the more people are being enticed to come to the venue.  And once they step foot in your venue…..that’s when the magic happens.  Who knows what will catch their eye???  But you can’t catch an eye that’s not there to see….am I right, or am I right?

So, on a very basic level, the most fundamental of Social Media Promotion Ideas is for MORE dealers at your venue to start promoting their business on Social Media.


Local Marketing Ideas


Ready for some more ideas?  I have seen some GREAT Local Marketing Ideas unfold on Social Media!  Here’s just a few:

  • Give away a FREE food-related prize.  Got a tea room, or restaurant associated with your venue?  Give away lunch, or pie and coffee, or whatever….in exchange for  leaving COMMENTS on a social media post.  Comments increases engagement, which makes the algorithm of any Social Media platform happy, and increases how many people will see your post!  And…you get feet in the door!


  • Host an “Antiques Roadshow” type event.  Participants for an appraisal will be selected from those who leave a COMMENT on a social media post.  Same reasons as above.


  • Give away tickets.  But the names drawn for the Freebie are those who leave a COMMENT on a social media post.  Are you seeing a theme????  Give away something that has very little cost, but will increase engagement on Social Media AND get more feet in the door.


  • “Spotlight” one or two dealers each month.  This is a GREAT opportunity to utilize VIDEO as a Social Media post, which again, the algorithm loves.  And….naturally the dealer will share that post on their own Social Media platforms, which increases how many eyes see it!  More awareness=more potential shoppers and customers=more potential sales!



The Basics of Social Media Marketing


You might be thinking that these are all great ideas, and your creative juices might be generating even more ideas!  But, you also might be thinking that you (and quite possibly the people who have booths or spaces at your venue) need a good basic tutorial on HOW to get going on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve got you covered!  That’s what Getting Social with The Curious Cowgirl is designed to do!  Through my Podcast and my Workshops, I will teach you how you can start promoting your business on Social Media!  I teach you how to come up with content, which content is best suited for Facebook and which content is best suited for Instagram.  I teach you ALL about hashtags!  And SO much more!


I look forward to helping your business grow!



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