United States Post Office Murals

United States Post Office Murals

Is a tour of United States Post Office Murals a reason to plan a road-trip?  Is the antidote to the conundrum of how to plan a road trip solved by pinpointing post office art on a map? Can a trip to your local post office serve as a mini museum visit?  In all cases the answer is:  absolutely!  But if my questions leave you wondering what EXACTLY is a post office mural, let’s enjoy a brief History Lesson together!

Road Trip Planning 101

The Epic 2020 Road Trip

What do you do when you can’t jump on a plane?  You pivot, and plan the most Epic 2020 Road Trip!  And that’s exactly what I did!  7 States.  4000 miles.  National Parks, National Forests, Museums, Historic Hotels, Quirky Tourist Destinations.  We did it all!  And we had a wonderful time seeing the prairies of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  The corn fields of Nebraska and South Dakota.  The rolling and mountainous vistas of Wyoming and Montana.  Truly, an America The Beautiful experience!