Don’t you LOVE friends who know EVERYTHING?  For example, where to have the best Virtual Travel Experiences?  Might sound odd, but this year, I’ll take all the tips for living my best life possible.  And as a travel blogger, who has really missed robust travel, the next best thing is participating in virtual travel tours.


Virtual Travel Experiences


In the Spring of 2020, I spent a great deal of time looking for interesting Virtual Experiences.  I discovered that museums were putting more of their collections on line, and I subscribed to a streaming service so my daughter and I could watch Broadway musicals.  First choice is ALWAYS in person, but here we are.

Each week I enjoy a “Zoom Happy Hour” with a group of close friends, and I always learn something interesting, from recipes to local news tidbits.  Recently, my friend Helen shared with the group her experience taking a Virtual Travel Tour of Paris.  Helen is a seasoned traveler, and has visited Paris in person, so when she RAVED about her Virtual Travel Experience with Airbnb, I knew I needed to investigate!


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Virtual Travel Tours with Airbnb


Airbnb describes their offerings as “one-of-a-kind activities hosted by experts…all without leaving home.”  In addition to opportunities that include cooking, animal experiences, skill learning and more…..what really interests me is their travel experiences.


To find all the choices, click on the menu option “online experiences.”  Once, there you will find an amazing number of experiences, hosted all over the world.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague
  • Irish Villages, History and Culture
  • A fabulous day in Paris
  • Meet Santa in Lapland
  • Safari Animals in South Africa


How do the virtual travel experiences work?  Each tour has a per person cost.  Usually $25 or less.  The length of the tour varies, but typically the are an hour or so.  Some tours have a minimum number of participants to “make”, so it might be worth finding a few friends to take the tour with you.  After all, don’t we all miss trips with friends?  I know I sure do!


Untapped Cities Tour Guide inside Grand Central Terminal

Untapped Cities Tour Guide, Justin…who was FANTASTIC!



Visit NYC Virtually


I sure do miss visiting NYC, and all my friends who live there!  In 2019, I shared with y’all information about the company Untapped New York.  I enjoyed an excellent behind-the-scenes tour of Grand Central Terminal with them.  Like many tour companies, they have pivoted, and now offer Virtual Travel Experiences in New York City.  For members of their “Insider Group” which costs around $100 annually, you can participate in tours like:

  • an Art tour at the Dyckman Farm House
  • Behind the Scenes at the Reliquary Museum


And dozens of virtual talks, like:

  • Washington’s Inaugural Parade Route
  • An Underground tour of the New York Subway
  • Remnants of the World’s Fairs


Every one of those opportunities seems amazing to me!


While we all wait for the world to turn on again, and for tourism to regain its footing, Virtual Travel Tours are the next best thing.  And, for anyone who is homebound, or for those who are older and can’t travel anymore, what a great way to still experience the world!

After all, touring Paris in our PJ’s was never really an option before, so let’s just embrace it and enjoy!



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