I’m predicting that Road-Trippin’ is going to be an incredibly popular vacation choice this summer.  Consider adding Behind the Scenes Tours to your vacation agenda.  And not just any tour…..but a TV or Movie tour!  It’s for sure we’ve all been watching a whole lot of small screen entertainment these days.  Why not check out where all those great TV Shows or Movies were filmed?  I’ve got a few great recommendations!


Behind the Scenes Tours


I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned, TV and Movies are magic.  A really good one can draw me in, and make me feel like I am really there!  And, since we are living in the year 2020, there’s a whole lot of filming going on outside of a Hollywood sound stage!

I scoured the internet, looking for Behind the Scenes Tours for some of the most popular TV Shows and Movies!  Here’s what I discovered!


Georgia:  “The Walking Dead”


Not gonna lie, I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan!  In fact, we watched The Walking Dead as a family until all the kids went off to college.  Some people watch the Discovery Channel or NATGEO and learn new things as a family, we watched the Walking Dead, and are totally prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Much of this series was filmed in and around Senoia, Georgia, which is 35 minutes south of Atlanta.  The Georgia Tour Company offers several Walking Dead Tours.  According to their web site, “The original walking tour of Senoia’s film locations include Woodbury to Alexandria. See the set locations from Seasons 3 through the present season. Your tour will be hosted by one of our awesome Cosplaying guides, many of whom have been on set as an extra and others living and working right here in town daily viewing the action as it happens.”  Sounds awesome to this fan!!!!


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PC: The Georgia Tour Company



Georgia:  “Stranger Things”


Continuing our road-trip through Georgia, Atlanta Movie Tours offers Behind the Scenes Tours of the Netflix Series Sensation, “Stranger Things.”  Called the “Atlanta Upside Down Tour” (love this!!!!), participants can experience “the homeless camp, arcade, sheriff’s station, pumpkin patch, Hopper’s cabin, the entrance to the upside down and so much more.”  They also offer a promo code for Hopper’s Cabin escape room at Escape Woods, an outdoor escape room experience!  Double strange fun!!!!


New Mexico:  “Breaking Bad”


Attention fans of Walter White and Saul Goodman.  Road trip yourselves to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the ride of your life.  Literally.  On this Behind the Scenes tour of the Netflix series “Breaking Bad” and the Netflix/AMC spin-off prequel “Better Call Saul”, you can tour filming locations from the comfort of an RV.  Yup.  Just like the RV made famous in the final season of Breaking Bad.  How awesome is that???  Want to see Jesse’s house?  The car wash?  How about grabbing a bite a Los Pollos Hermanos?  Breaking Bad RV Tours has you covered!

Check out this fun video produced by Netflix!




New York City:  “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”


You didn’t SERIOUSLY think I was going to leave out NYC???  Well, needless to say, New York City is home to hundreds of filming locations for TV and Movies!  And, since I’ve highlighted some pretty dark and intense TV Shows so far, I thought I’d lighten the mood with the always effervescent Netflix series,  “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”  I highlighted On Location Tours in a previous Blog Post, so you can read all about this behind the scenes tour, and many others they offer!


Tennessee:  “Nashville”


I’m going to be honest, I have not seen the CMT TV series “Nashville”, but….I’m a big ol’ fan of the City of Nashville, having gone to college at Vanderbilt University.  On this Gray Line Tour, you get to experience many iconic sites in Nashville, including the famous Ryman Auditorium and the Blue Bird Cafe.

And, if you want more suggestions of fun things to do in Nashville, check out this post.  And, down the road, I encourage you to visit Franklin, which I detailed in this post.


Neon Cowboy sign in Nashville



Boston Movie and TV Location Tours


Finally, if you find yourself in Boston this summer, and your traveling companions are not really into American History, then you have two choices.  One:  dump them for more interesting traveling companions.  Or, if that is not an option, consider a tour of the Boston Common and Beacon Hill with On Location Tours (same company as in NYC).  They offer a tour that includes filming locations in “Good Will Hunting”, “Cheers”, “Boston Legal”, “Ally McBeal”, and many more!  They might even sneak in a little history too!


Whew!  That’s a lot of road-trippin’ and tour-takin’!

If you discover other great TV and Movie Tours, leave me a comment!


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