Happy Valentines Day y’all!  I hope your day is filled with love and hearts and flowers and chocolate and cards….oh sorry….got a little carried away there with the trappings of Valentines Day.  If celebrating Valentines Day is not your thing….but travel is…let me share 14 Ways to Say I Love You Through Travel!


14 Ways to Say I Love You Through Travel



  • Say I Love You Through Travel by making a commitment to travel.  Even if it’s only once a year, take a trip with the person you love somewhere other than where you live.  Time spent away from all our daily pressures and to-do’s is a gift, right?!!!


  • Say I Love You Through Travel by taking a memorable picture together while ob a fun trip.  And when you get home, go old school and print that sucker out, put in in a frame, and let the memories that photo evokes warm your heart every time you look at it!


  • Want to take your travel to the next level?  Say I Love You Through Travel by taking a trip to Paris!  There’s not a more romantic city, don’t you think?  Need some inspiration?  Click here for my Paris Restaurant Guide!  That’s next level, y’all!


  • Speaking of eating, it’s easy to Say I Love You Through Travel by trying new foods together!  Order different dishes from around the world!  Share one another’s desserts.  Love means letting your sweetie dip their spoon in your creme brulee.  Seriously.


  • Another way  to Say I Love You Through Travel is to gift your sweetie with a travel gadget that will make plane ride more comfortable, more organized, or more  luxurious.  I’ve got ideas for the perfect travel gear!  Click here for my personal suggestions.


  • You can also Say I Love You Through Travel by taking turns planning out the details of a trip.  Planning can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming.  Take turns!  If it’s your turn, and you really don’t like planning, or don’t know where to start, I can help you!  If you are going overseas, I have a FREE Travel Planning Guide and Checklist, which you can have by clicking here. It will help you a TON, I promise!


  • Here’s another idea….since today is Valentine’s Day, sit down with your sweetie and get a jar with a lid.  Together, each of you write down seven things you never done in your home town.  Could be places to visit, could be restaurants to try….anything that you have not done is fair game.  Put those pieces of paper in the jar, and once a week, or once a month, take turns pulling one piece of paper out of the jar.  And then go DO that thing together.  That’s a GREAT way to Say I Love You Through Travel. Need some other “staycation” ideas?  I’ve got ya!  Click here friends!


  • What about taking a trip down Memory Lane?  Pick an evening, cook a fun dinner at home.  Then break out those old photo albums (I’m dating myself, I realize) and Say I Love You Through Traveling down Memory Lane.  All the warm and fuzzy feels!!!!


  • What about the kids?  YES!  Say I Love You Through Travel with them!  It’s easy when the kids are little…they are game to go anywhere.  I think it’s harder when they become teens. Do it anyway!  We took our kids to Rome two years ago, and it was sooooo fun!  You can read more by clicking here. I would not trade those memories for anything.


  • Europe might be a stretch for some….I’m always a big fan of taking the kids to Disney World. I love Disney World!  I’ve been so many times, with and without kids.  Every time was FUN.  Need some ideas to get you started?  Click here!


  • Say I Love You (to your home State) Through Travel.  I’m from Texas, so that’s not hard.  We Texans LOVE our Great State!  Every city has a museum of some kind, or a historical society, or even a display of local history in the library, in City Hall, or in the Court House.  Go check that stuff out!  It’s your history too!


  • Here’s another thought….Say I Love You (to new people you meet) Through Travel.  Lord knows, this crazy world of ours needs all the Love it can get.  Meet someone new.  Enjoy hearing their stories.  Tell some of your own.  Appreciate the similarities and embrace the differences.  Love love love!


  • Wanna get a little deeper?  Say I Love You (to Yourself) Through Travel. Nothing has shown me more about me than travel.   All the good…all the less than good.  It all comes out when I travel.  A little self-reflection never hurt  anybody, and a LOT of self-Love is a really good thing.


  • Finally….Say I Love You Through Travel, because we only get one life on this planet of ours.  Let’s try to see it ALL!


Love you all!  Happy Valentines Day!



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