Red Holiday Gifts


Happy November, y’all!  Can you BELIEVE how fast this year has gone???  Well, here we are, November 2, and it’s time to get in the spirit of the Holidays!  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas…lots of Merry to be made over the next 60 days!  I can’ hardly wait to celebrate all of it with you!!!  Today, I’m giving you a sneak peak about upcoming posts, with this Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview!


Holiday Preview:  New York City

Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview Santa and Child

I can’t imagine a city that is more iconically decked out for the Holidays than NYC!  Later this month, I’ll share with you my tips for taking young kids, your own children or grandchildren to NYC….including Guides specifically for Christmas, and general trips to NYC.  This is a post you will want to share with all your friends, for sure!!!!


Holiday Preview:  Disney

Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview Walt Disney World Castle

Many of y’all will take advantage of school holidays and take the kiddos or grandkids to meet Mickey Mouse himself.  This month, I’ll be introducing you to the KING of all Disney knowledge…Adam Hattan.  Any single thing you want to know about visiting any Disney park….anywhere in the world, Adam has all the info!  You will LOVE him!


Holiday Preview:  Gift Guide

Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview Radko Ornament


During November I’ll be featuring LOTS of gift giving ideas…from gifts for your favorite travelers, to special gifts for the perfect “reveal” if your gift is a trip…corporate gift ideas, and vintage gift ideas.


Holiday Preview:  Vintage Christmas

Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview Red Flocked Vintage Reindeer


Speaking of vintage, I’m excited to share with y’ll my personal Vintage Christmas collection.  I have a few addictions….Vintage coats, which I talked about in this post is one obsession.  But my Vintage Christmas collection is crazy out-of-control….and I can’t wait to share the madness with y’all!


Holiday Preview:  My One-Year Anniversary

This is REALLY hard for me to believe, but in December, I’ll be celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of The Curious Cowgirl….and I have a BIG SURPRISE….get ready for some fun, y’all!


Holiday Preview:  Paris

Curious Cowgirl Holiday Preview Notre Dame Facade


My husband and I are taking our parents to Paris, and there will be so much to share with y’all…from restaurants, to museums, to Paris at Christmas….we are also planning to go to the world-famous Brussels Christmas Market…so I’ll for sure share all the details with y’all!  I talked about going to a European Christmas Market almost a year ago…this is a travel bucket list item for me, and I am giddy with excitement!!!!  Seriously!!!

Alrighty…so….everyone take a deep cleansing breath…..in through the nose, and out through the mouth…and let’s get this 2018 Holiday Party Started!!!

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