I can personally attest to the truth of the following statement:  You Are Never Too Old…..for Disney!   Recently, there was a lot of brew-ha-ha in the news about a woman who took to the Internet, in an attempt to shame Millennials who dared visit a Disney Theme Park without kids.  The response was a thunderous objection.  Me included!  This post was originally written in collaboration with Walt Disney World Resorts.  All opinions are my own!

First Published: May 16, 2018 Last Updated: August 4, 2019



You Are Never Too Old

Maybe it’s just me, but the older I get, the more I dislike hearing that there’s activities off-limits once you reach a certain age.  I’m only 50 for Pete’s Sake.  Pete and I agree that as long as you are willing, there’s a way!!!!  Last night, my husband and I watched the movie “Tag”, which is based on a true story of ten men, friends since childhood, who kept a game of Tag going for over 50 years.  High-fives all around!  That’s awesome.  You Are Never Too Old to have fun with your friends!

So, in response to the lady mentioned above who was furious that people, without children, step foot in the land of Mickey Mouse, I’d like to share with you why I think Disney is one of the Best Girls Trip Destinations on the planet!



Red Headed Woman wearing Minnie Mouse Ears



Travel with Friends

Now that I am an Empty Nester, I am really enjoying the opportunity to spend more time traveling with my friends.  Couples or girls, it does not matter.  Time away from our everyday lives provides such a wonderful opportunity to laugh, and reconnect!

The fine folks at Disney have mastered the art of providing ample and varied entertainment for every interest (and age) under the sun!  That’s why a Disney Theme Park is the perfect place to travel with friends.  Here’s some examples specific to Disney World in Orlando:


Best Restaurants at Disney World

As an adult, I don’t mind gulping down a fast meal in The Magic Kingdom, so I can make sure I don’t miss my opportunity to enjoy The Haunted Mansion ride, but I for SURE want to end each day with a nice, sit-down meal with my friends!  Here’s some suggestions for some of the best restaurants at Disney World.

  • Jiko-The Cooking Place (Animal Kingdom Lodge):  Fabulous gourmet dishes, with a traditional African flair.  HUGE wine list, including many wines from Africa.
  • Citricos (Grand Floridian Resort & Spa):  Amazing Mediterranean food in a chic setting.
  • Flying Fish (Disney Boardwalk):  The decor inside this fantastic restaurant is over-the top! Like…..chandeliers made to look like bubbles floating up to the surface of the water.  Truly awesome!  And the food is fantastic!
  • California Grill (Contemporary Resort):  Talk about dining with a view!  A glass of wine with friends with a view of The Castle?  That’s pure magic my friends!


Three woman and one man standing in front of the giant Baobab tree at Disney's Animal Kingdom


Walt Disney World Transportation

There is absolutely no need to rent a car when you travel with friends to Disney World.  Again, Disney has MASTERED the art of moving people around efficiently.  One of my favorite methods, particularaly when headed out at night to dinner, is The Minnie Van. (Get it????)  OK y’all….how adorable is THIS?  A partnership between Walt Disney World Resorts and Lyft, this is the cutest way to get around the Magic Kingdom!  Here’s a link so you can learn more!


Mini Van decorated in red and white polka dots



Where to Stay at Disney World

The best girl’s trip destinations offer accommodations for every budget.  I have seen resorts at every price point, and really, you can’t go wrong!  The point is to spend time with your friends, right?  Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Pop Century Resort:  I just love the nostalgia of the decor here, and stayed here prior to boarding a Disney Cruise.  Rooms are motel-style, and the property is HUGE.  Disney’s Pop Century Resort is full of the most iconic symbols of each decade…only a zillion times bigger than life!
  • Port Orleans French Quarter:  I actually stayed here for my 40th Birthday Girl’s Trip.  The rooms were very nice, not expensive, and because the pool is not crazy-over-the-top, it was actually quiet at night.  Bonus for those of us who need a solid eight hours!
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins:  OK y’all….let’s talk about the villas and cabins.  SUPER nice, and really perfect for travel with friends.  I toured a villa that included three bedrooms, a screened-in hot tub, and an indoor/outdoor fireplace.  How fun would that be with your group of besties?


House in the middle of pine trees


two story Mickey Mouse Phone



Unique Things to Do at Disney World

The best girl’s trip destinations include a little something for everyone to enjoy!  And while the theme parks are certainly the major attraction, there’s many unique things to do at Disney World!

  • Epcot Flower & Garden Festival:  I was able to witness this Festival first-hand.  And WOW!  The over 70 themed topiaries alone were amazing, much less all the other outdoor kitchens, concerts, and special displays.  VERY fun!
  • Epcot International Food & Wine Festival:  This looks like a TON of fun, and the timing is right after the kids go back to school.
  • Behind the Scenes!  Ok y’all, I have visited Disney World eight times in my life.  I really love Disney World!  But I have a….CURIOUS….mind!  So, I’m always wondering HOW the magic happens.  There’s several special tours that will answer those questions, including a Backstage Magic Tour of daily operations, a Keys to the Kingdom Tour that illuminates the history of Disney World, and a Behind our Steam Trains Tour.  All are specially priced, and are priced in addition to the park pass price.  But come on…who wants to go behind the scenes with me????


Flower topiary in the shape of Daisy Duck



Disney Decor:  The Art at Disney World

You are never too old to appreciate good attention to detail!!!  Many of y’all know that my husband and I are BIG antique and folk art collectors, and I was STUNNED to see this scale model of “The Colossal Elephant”, a 43 room hotel which was 150 feet long and 15 stories hight, and was part of the Coney Island “lunacy” of the early 20th century.  Disney preserved this piece of folk art, and it’s on display in the lobby of the Disney Boardwalk Beach Villas.  By the way…the rooms there are UNREAL….super nice and classy!!!!


Disney Magic Walt Disney World Resorts Boardwalk Beach Club Elephant



Another decorative detail I LOVED in this same lobby are the old carousel decorations, painted with castles from EVERY Disney property around the world.  Bravo Disney!


Disney Magic Walt Disney World Resorts Boardwalk Beach Club Decor Detail


And….be SURE and look UP!  In the lobby of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is an AMAZING chandelier…decorated with sketches from many of Disney’s most loved animations.  AND….some of the sketches are SIGNED by the original illustrator.  See what I mean….the Disney magic is all in the details!


Disney Magic Walt Disney World Resorts Art of Animation Chandalier


Feel inspired to travel with friends?  Thinking Disney World needs to be on your list?  You are NEVER too old to feel like  a kid again!  Ignore the Haters.  And call me…I want to go too!!!!



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