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It might seem a little odd for a Travel Blogger to start off the New Year with a Post about Travel Bucket List Ideas.  After all, I typically travel, and then report back to y’all with all the details.  But, today I need your Travel Bucket List Ideas.

Because let’s be real….we all have a wish list, right?  And we don’t always get to tick off everything on our lists for one reason or another.  I absolutely had a GREAT 2019 travel year!  No regrets.  No complaints.  But….there are those places that remain on my must-do list.  So, welcome 2020 Travel Bucket List!


Travel Bucket List Ideas


Like with any successful relationship….the best ones are both give and take.  Normally I give.  But today, I need to take.  I need to take all the recommendations and tips YOU have to offer.  So, let me show y’all my 2020 List.  And if you have ANY recommendations for me, please leave me a comment at the end of the Post.

And…as an added incentive for taking a couple of minutes to give me your tips and recommendations, every person who leaves a comment on this post, through the end of January 2020, will be entered in a surprise Curious Cowgirl giveaway!  And I giveaway GOOD stuff, I can assure you.  Ready?  Let’s do this!




a rugged landscape of green hills and craggy rocks

Isle of Skye, Scotland


For those of you who have been with me for a while, you might remember at the end of 2018 I said I wanted to visit Scotland in 2019.  I got close…..I made it to London.  SO close.  I need any recommendation you have, from hotels, to manor houses-turned-hotels.  Restaurants, always.  Private Guides!  And…..maybe most importantly, any experiences you have had with private drivers.  Because, here’s the thing.  I know me.  And I know Will.  And NEITHER of us needs to be driving on the wrong side of the road.  Ever.



Camino de Santiago, Spain


grey rock with a yellow arrow pointed on it in green grass

A directional guide rock along the Camino de Santiago


My first question is this:  if I don’t like to exercise, should I do this?  Follow-up question:  if I did this, would I loose a pant size?  Honestly, I don’t understand how this works.  Do you book hotels?  And how does your stuff get from place to place?  How many hours a day do pilgrims typically walk?  Any good “devotional” books or materials to go along with the hike?


The Rose Bowl Flea Market


a table filled with buttons and small objects at the Rose Bowl Flea Market


This is a Travel Bucket List item for me AND Will.  Y’all know how much we love a good flea market!  I know the Rose Bowl Flea Market is once a month.  And I know it’s also in Pasadena.  But that’s it.  I need more information in my basket.  Like, which sections are the BEST sections for Vintage and Antiques and Mid-Century.  Or, is it all spread out.  Are there shippers there?  Or do we need to find a UPS store on our own with any treasures we simply can’t leave behind.  What else is a must-see in Pasadena?


A Scenic Train Trip


train on a bridge under a bright blue sky


This is a little vague, I know.  But I really do want to take an awesome train trip in 2020.  Any good travel bucket list ideas?  Canada might be awesome.  Colorado?  I’m fine with Europe, but I want it to be scenic, not high-speed.   We took the “Chunnel” in November 2019…and I really had to get my head in the game to process that FAST ride.  I’m looking for a little slower and more scenic this time around.  Any recommendations would be so appreciated!  Comment below!



Oberammergau, Germany Passion Play


a vintage postcard showing Oberammergau in 1918

A vintage postcard showing Oberammergau in 1918


Since this play is only performed once every ten years, this is a must-do for me in 2020.  My dear friend and fellow-blogger, Tanya Foster, has great info about the Passion Play, and many of her family members have been in it, or will be in it this year.  So I will for sure be re-reading her Blog Post on the subject.  But here’s my specific questions:  Do you HAVE to book a group tour to do this.  Neither Will nor I would play well with others on a Group Tour.  So could we just rent a car, drive in for the day, and drive out?  Bavaria is gorgeous, so a charming town nearby is great with us.  What else is a must-see in Bavaria?


Route 66


vintage blue and red Route 66 Highway sign


This is something that Will and I really want to plan out!  And, I kind of want to do the whole thing.  So…where does Route 66 start?  I think we’d start on the east end, and drive west.  But I’d love your resources on tips, guides (digital, written or audio).  We love old signs, and anything mid-century.  Will is dying to stay in a motel that is shaped like a tee-pee.  Not really, but I sure am!  What do we need to know?


Whew…OK.  That’s a good start for our 2020 Travel Bucket List.

Again, I honestly need any and all tips and recommendations you can provide.  And….if you drop those travel bucket list ideas in the comments below before the end of January 2020, you will be entered in my first giveaway of 2020!

I win, you win (hopefully).


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