Of all the Social Media Platforms, Instagram has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to grow your business.  Instagram Strategies for Antiques and Vintage Business Owners can be very effective.  And let’s face it.  As small business owners, if we are going to carve out time to be on Social Media, let’s make that time count!

In this Episode, I’m discussing 5 Instagram Strategies that will increase engagement, grow your following, and transform your business!


Instagram Strategies to Grow Your Business




It’s true.  There are only 24 hours in every day.  And Small Business Owners, like most of us in the Antiques and Vintage industry, are textbook definition of Small Business Owners.

So, when I tell you that Social Media Marketing is critically important to your business, I can totally understand why many respond with “Who Has the Time”

I get it.  But what if I told you that I could help you make your time spent on Social Media matter.  Make a bigger different for your business.  Not feel like a worm hole of wasted time!

Let’s start with Instagram.


Special P.S.  Very soon, I will be accepting Antique and Vintage Dealers into my Private Coaching Group.  Each month we will work together on a specific Social Media topic, from Instagram to Facebook.  Creating content, to maximizing the time you spend on Social Media.

If you are interested in learning more, with absolutely no obligation, simply email me at marythecuriouscowgirl@Gmail.com, and I will add you to the list of folks who will get first notification, and all the details about how to get monthly coaching from me!


What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • 5 Instagram Techniques that will save you time and frustration.
  • Techniques that will help you better understand and use Hashtags for growth, engagement, and for research.
  • Techniques to use Instagram to educated yourself and others.


Episode #39 Show Notes, Links and Resources


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