Client Spotlight:  Patricia Sone

Client Spotlight: Patricia Sone

As a consultant, Social Media Marketing Training is only as good as your clients’ success.  Every client has different needs.  Today on the Podcast, I’m interviewing Patricia Sone, a National Needlepoint Teacher and Canvas Designer.  You will enjoy learning about her journey to learn how to market her business on Social Media, and the common challenges all of us face when learning a new skill.

3 Steps for Social Media Success

What is a Social Media Consultant?

What exactly is a Social Media Consultant?  And if you are an Antique or Vintage Business owner, how can your Social Media Marketing Training benefit from working one-on-one with me? In this Episode, I’m discussing how I approach Social Media Training as a Consultant, and how learning marketing for your Business might be easier for you with a one-on-one approach.