Hey ya’ll!  Today I’m going to introduce you to a friend I have traveled with many times, Needlepoint Teacher Patricia Sone.  She is a highly sought-after needlepoint teacher, and is incredibly gifted at explaining and demonstrating hundreds of needlepoint stitches.  How she got started in the needlepoint world is a very interesting story!


Needlepoint Teacher and Instructor Patricia Sone


Some of you early followers of The Curious Cowgirl might recall the post about my love of needlepoint.  Well, the number of readers who commented on that post was so FUN for me!  I learned about friends who also needlepoint, and didn’t know they shared the same passion.  I learned about a friend who needle-pointed the same stocking for her daughter as I did!  And, I learned that those who needlepoint are a very enthusiastic group who love to get together to stitch with a healthy side of chit chat, share tips on fancy stitches and beautiful threads….and who love to learn!  And one of the BEST teachers around???  The delightful Patricia Sone!

Here’s how we met:  One of my dear friends, and Curious Cowgirl reader, invited me to participate in a needlepointing class, led by Patricia Sone.  My friend sent me a picture of the canvas we would be working on, and all the needlepoint stitches we would be learning, which was absolutely darling, and I agreed…having never attended a formal class before.  Why not?

At the end of the two-day class, I was so excited by all the needlepoint stitches I learned, and intrigued by our teacher.  Timidly, I asked if I could profile her on my Blog.  To my delight, she said yes, and today I consider her a good friend!


Patricia Sone Needlepoint Canvas with Lemons


Patricia Sone’s Background


Patricia began needlepointing in her early teens, taught by her Aunt who lived in Amarillo.  Bargello was the favored stitch at the time, and Patricia’s interest in needlepoint stuck (pun intended)!  Fast forward to the years when her two daughters were in school all day, and Patricia spent many hours stitching at a shop in Dallas.  So many hours, in fact, that they suggested she might want a job!  I think that’s so funny!!!!


Patricia Sone teaching needlepoint stitches in a class


Needlepoint Tools include Great Teachers


Today, Patricia approaches needlepoint from many different angles.  She is a highly sought-after teacher, and needlepoint shops around the country bring her in to teach classes.  She has traveled to Houston, Austin, Cincinnati, Mobile, La Jolla, San Marino, Scottsdale, Naples, and Boston, to name just a few places.  Patricia shared with me that those teaching opportunities have given her the chance to meet some of the loveliest people, while also sharing her immense skills.

I have participated in a number of classes with Patricia, and her excellent instruction have made me a better stitcher, for sure!!!

What are her other skills????  Um…she has won about a zillion ribbons at The State Fair of Texas….not that I’m jealous or anything.

And, Patricia also puts together stitch guides.  For you non-needlepointing people, a stitch guide is a detailed road map across a canvass.  Each design element is carefully planned out by Patricia, so that the finished effect is truly something special.   A good stitch guide is an invaluable needlepoint tool!

Many stitch guides include thread suggestions, taking the challenge of all those decisions away, so that the needle-pointer can concentrate on simply (or not-so-simply) stitching…and perhaps more chit chatting, as noted earlier.  This is a link to her Blog….lots of good info there!


Christmas Tree Needlepoint Ornament of a Red Cardinal



Patricia Sone Easter Bunny Needlepoint canvases


Needlepoint Stores in Dallas


When not traveling, Patricia Sone also teaches private lessons at two needlepoint stores in Dallas, by appointment. Students bring their own projects to the private lesson, and learn from a true artist!!!!


Patricia Sone with several needlepoint canvas designs


What are Needlepoint Retreats?


The first time we really had a chance to sit down and visit, Patricia also shared with me that needlepoint shops around the country bring her in for needlepoint RETREATS!  Retreats, y’all!!!  Knock me down with a feather, I had NO idea I could pack up my little self, fly to beautiful Southern California, for example, and spend three days or so at a swanky hotel, needlepointing by day with other enthusiasts and accomplished teachers!  How fabulously fun!!!!!  Travel and needlepoint!  Win-Win!

So, you know what I did?  I planned a few Needlepoint Retreats of my own, and invited Patricia to teach!  The first needlepoint retreat I hosted was in New York City.  I hosted a few one-day retreats in Dallas.  And then, a fun group of stitchers joined me in Fredericksburg, Texas, where we worked on a canvas designed by Patricia herself!


Patricia Sone Stitch it! Frame it! Love it! Needlepoint Kit

Stitch it! Frame it! Love it!



Needlepoint Projects


Patricia is also designing her own line of needlepoint projects.  Her latest project is so so cute y’all!  OK…so those of you who stitch know how much TIME is spent on each project, not to mention the cost of this delightful hobby!  So how can you share your love of needlepoint with friends or family?  Patricia Sone has the PERFECT thing:  “Stitch it, Frame it, Love it.”

Patricia was kind enough to share her needlepoint kit with me, and it is SOOOOOO cute!  Complete with a tiny stitch guide and a gift box ready for your finished product, these 2″x2″ canvases, set inside a precious frame, are the perfect way to share your talents with those you love!  They are only available to the trade, so check with your local shop to see if they carry Patricia Sone’s “Stitch it, Frame it, Love it.” projects.  Click here for a sampling.

I’m so delighted to know the amazing Patricia Sone better!  She really is a fantastic teacher, and just such a nice person!

And y’all…do me a favor….don’t tell her about my shameful Christmas Stocking debacle, that I shared with you in this post.  Let’s just keep that little secret between us….OK?


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