Let’s talk about Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor!  It’s certainly no secret to any of you!   I love Vintage Table Decor.  And believe that setting a Rustic Thanksgiving table can be beautiful, while still being casual! Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas that incorporate a few well-chosen Vintage items.  Yes Please!

2021 is the perfect year to open up all those cabinets, reach back into the far dark corners, and bring out all those beautiful antique and vintage pieces that have been in your family for years. Or, start your own collection!


Post First Published in November 2020.  Updated in November 2021



Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor


For years, my Blog readers and Social Media Followers have watched me travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.  I often get asked, “what do you DO with all that stuff?”  Easy answer!  I love to incorporate Antiques and Vintage into my daily living.  From home decor to my clothing to my table decorations, I mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.  I hope you enjoyed my Post on Formal Thanksgiving Table Decor and my Post on Casual Thanksgiving Table Decor!  

I love scouring Flea Markets, Antique Shows and hit Estate Sales several times a week, looking for the unique or interesting.  And while some table decor ends up for sale at our Antique Booth at Benny Jack Antiques in Dallas, or on my @TheCuriousCowgirl Instagram Account, I keep many of my finds.  One of my favorite uses for Vintage is in my table decorations.

I love the sustainability of using Vintage Table Decor.  It’s never a bad idea to make a choice that is better for our planet, and buying Vintage is one way to reduce unnecessary use of natural resources.  Buying something that has already been produced, reduces the demand for yet-to-be-produced goods.

But, I get that many of you don’t want to hunt, scour or search!  Flea Markets and Antique Malls are not your jam.

So I’ve done the sourcing for you, and all my latest finds are available in my Living with Vintage Shop.  

Enjoy these table scape images….and let me help YOU create a lovely Thanksgiving Table!!!



a dining room table set with flowers and gourds

Vintage Elements: Flower Arrangement Dishes, Candy Dishes holding acorns, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Amber Glasses, Green Glasses, Wicker Chargers, Napkins and Napkin Rings



acorns and flowers in vintage glass dishes

Green Indiana Glass Candy Dish, Made in Japan Salt & Pepper Shakers, Fenton Compotes



a hand holding a green pressed glass plate

Avocado Green Indiana Glass Honeycomb Serving – Relish – Candy – Trinket Dish



a green triangle glass candy dish for Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor



a hand holding a turkey shaped salt and pepper set

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor



a hand holding an orange glass dish for Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor

Fenton Glass Ruffled Hobnail Compote



Create Your Perfect Thanksgiving Table Scape 


In my Living with Vintage Shop, I have sourced fabulous Vintage Glassware, Linens, Antique China, Serving Pieces and interesting decor.  Once I’ve listed an item, it typically does not last long.  And I’m adding new inventory every day!  So check back often!



Other Ways to Shop My Finds


If you have an Instagram Account, you will want to follow me!  I often showcase new finds there.  My handle is @TheCuriousCowgirl.

I showcase items in my Feed, and in my Stories.  Be sure and watch my “Stories”.  If you are not familiar with Stories, here’s how to find them.  When you are in your Home Feed, which means the little house on the bottom left corner is black, you are in your Home Feed.  At the top of your screen, you see rows of circles with red around them.  Those are Instagram Stories, and the red means there is something new to watch.  Stories feels a lot like watching a slide show.

I also host frequent “Thirsty Thursday” LIVE Instagram Sales, so be sure and watch for those….there’s always a surprise for those who watch me live (like a special discount…hint hint!!!!)

Looking forward to helping you create a beautiful Thanksgiving Table with Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor!


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