I love Vintage Table Decor.  And believe that setting a Thanksgiving table shouldn’t be harder than cooking the meal! Even if your Thanksgiving table-scape decor includes a more formal look.  While some people go all out on their holiday decor, others prefer a more minimalistic and practical approach. I live by the motto “More is More” and 2020 is the perfect year to open up all those cabinets, reach back into the far dark corners, and bring out all those beautiful antique and vintage pieces that have been in your family for years. Or, start your own collection!



Vintage Table Decor

For years, my Blog readers and Social Media Followers have watched me travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.  I often get asked, “what do you DO with all that stuff?”  Easy answer!  I love to incorporate antiques and vintage into my daily living.  From home decor to my clothing to my table decorations, I mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.

A favorite hobby is scouring Flea Markets, Antique Shows and Estate Sales for pretty things.  And while some finds end up for sale at our Antique Booth at Benny Jack Antiques in Dallas, or on my @CuriousCowgirl Instagram Account, I keep many of my finds.  One of my favorite uses for Vintage is in my table decorations.

I love the sustainability of using Vintage Table Decor.  It’s never a bad idea to make a choice that is better for our planet, and buying Vintage is one way to reduce unnecessary use of natural resources.  Buying something that has already been produced, reduces the demand for yet-to-be-produced goods.

But, I get that many of you don’t want to hunt, scour or search!  Flea Markets and Antique Malls are not your jam.  That’s where Etsy comes in!  Etsy is an online marketplace for Antique and Vintage Dealers, where you can find amazing Vintage treasures. Think of Etsy like your virtual Antique Mall.

Not sure if you are “getting a good deal.”  No worries!  I’m going to help you, with a few inspirational formal Thanksgiving table settings, incorporating formal and Vintage elements.  Scroll through my images, and then I will provide you with links to Etsy sellers who offer the same, or similar, Vintage Table Decor in their Etsy Store, at a fair price.  I might even offer up some of my own Vintage finds.

I am an affiliate with Etsy, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, not affecting your price, but supporting my business.  So thank you!


Vintage elements: Wine Goblet, Champagne Coupe, Highball Glass, Linen Placemat, Cut Crystal Rose Bowl





Gorgeous vintage etched water or wine glass.



A wonderful 1950’s-1960’s mid-century frosted highball glass with gold leaves motif.



Shop This Table-Scape on Etsy


  • Lovely Formal Vintage Linen Placemats can be found on Etsy by clicking HERE, HERE, and HERE.  You can also view the general search term for Vintage Linen Placemats, and see many more options!
  • Elegant Etched Water or Wine Glasses can be found on Etsy by clicking HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE.  You will find that often, the larger the set, the more expensive.  Simply because glasses get broken over time, and so larger sets are more rare.  I often mix different patterns together on one table, so don’t be afraid to buy glasses in smaller sets!
  • Glamorous Etched Champagne Coupe Glasses can be found on Etsy by clicking HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Again, don’t be afraid to mix sets!  And why a coupe versus a flute?  No reason.  I just think a coupe feels more glam!
  • Mid-Century Modern Glasses that have gold in the design, really look gorgeous on the table, on a bar cart, or on a serving tray!  Again, remember these are Vintage, so it’s normal to see a little fading of the gold on the glasses.  I found fantastic white and gold sets, for a more formal look, on Etsy.  Check them out by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • Cut Crystal Rose Bowls are so versatile!  Simply filled with water, they really need nothing but flowers or greenery.  Mine is 6″, for size reference.  I love THIS ONE, THIS ONE, and THIS ONE, all available on Etsy.



Vintage Elements: Wine Goblet, Colored Wine Goblet, Champagne Coupe, Dessert Bowl, Bone China Dessert Plate



Vintage Elements: Wine Goblet, Colored Wine Goblet, Champagne Coupe, Dessert Bowl, Bone China Dessert Plate



Up close: Peach colored Fostoria Etched Glass Goblet. The pattern is “Versailles”.



Bone China Dessert Plate



Gold accented Vintage dessert bowls. So lovely!



Shop This Table-Scape on Etsy


  • Fostoria Glassware is easily my favorite.  My mother collects yellow Fostoria, and I love how elegant the different patterns feel.  I also love that the color is not fully saturated, but more of an ombre effect.  Subtle and beautiful.  Check out these Fostoria glasses by clicking HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • Dessert Bowls are a great way to present that sweet treat in an elevated dish.  There are gorgeous options including THESE, THESE, THESE and THESE.
  • Bone China Dessert Plates in an interesting and coordinating pattern will make your pumpkin pie look extra yummy.  There are lovely options on Etsy, including THESE, THESE, THESE and THESE.  Again, mixing patterns is completely fine, and looks really pretty!!



How to Shop My Vintage Finds


Many of the pieces I am showing in this Living With Vintage Series, including in this Casual Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas post  are for sale!  How can you see what’s available? First, you must follow me on Instagram.  My handle is @TheCuriousCowgirl.

Second, be sure and watch my “Stories”.  If you are not familiar with Stories, here’s how to find them.  When you are in your Home Feed, which means the little house on the bottom left corner is black, you are in your Home Feed.  At the top of your screen, you see rows of circles with red around them.  Those are Instagram Stories, and the red means there is something new to watch.  Stories feels a lot like watching a slide show.

To find my particular Stories, which is where I am listing and selling my Vintage goodies, you can find my profile, again @TheCuriousCowgirl, and watch my Stories by touching the circle with my logo in it.  My sales last 24 hours, and to purchase anything, simply follow the directions I give you in Stories.

Once the sale concludes, I move all unsold items to my Highlight Reel titled “Vintage” and you can still shop there.  If you see something in my Highlights you are interested in, just sent me a Direct Message.  I remove sold items regularly from my Highlights, so what you see is available.



Additional Non-Vintage Table-Scape Elements


  • Monogrammed linen napkins can really elevate a place setting.  I recommend my friend Mia Davis’ shop on Etsy, Dogwood Hill Designs, or linen napkins from The Embroidered Girl.
  • 13″ Gold Chargers look beautiful under almost any china pattern.  You can order a set HERE.



Table-scape Ideas


Thanksgiving 2020 is deserving of implementing creative table-scape ideas.  Remember that most Etsy sellers only have one (or maybe) two of the Vintage item I am highlighting.  So, if you like it…get it!  Delaying means that some other savvy shopper will get that one-of-a-kind-item.

And if a Casual Table is more your style, check out this post and also this post on Rustic Table Decor Ideas.

Also keep in mind that shipping in 2020 seems to be taking longer….so ordering early will ensure you have your Vintage Table Decor in plenty of time to execute your table-scape ideas!


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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