It’s no secret that I love anything Retro Christmas!  From Vintage Christmas Tablecloths to Retro Christmas Ornaments, I’m all about the Vintage Christmas Nostalgia!

And soon, I’ll be showcasing my own Vintage Christmas collection, and how I incorporate all my treasures into my Holiday Decor!

For those of you who don’t want to go full-on 1950’s Vintage Christmas, but still might want one or two pieces of Vintage Christmas in your home, I’ve curated a list of 5 Charming Vintage Treasures you should consider.  Each can be found on Etsy, and I have linked to Etsy shops that have the items I am recommending!

I am an affiliate with Etsy, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, not affecting your price, but supporting my business.  AND…when you shop on Etsy, you are supporting a Small Business, so thank you!


a collection of Vintage sequined ornaments



5 Charming Retro Christmas Treasures


Vintage Christmas Tree Skirts:  I love skirts from the 1950’s that are felt, and adorned with sequins!  Here’s several options, and remember these are one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you love, get it before someone else does!

  • Green Felt with Angels
  • Red Felt with Bells and Trees
  • Red Felt with Angels 
  • Vintage Felt Skirt with Disney Characters circa 1950 (this is AMAZING)
  • Red Felt with Sequins



Vintage Tree Toppers:  From Angels to Stars to Santas….top off your tree with a Vintage Treasure!

  • Tinsel Wreath Tree Topper
  • Satin Ball Tree Topper
  • Mercury Glass Star Tree Topper
  • Angel Doll Tree Topper
  • Red Angel Star Topper


Vintage Christmas Garland:  I LOVE Vintage Christmas Garland.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of how I incorporate mine into my Christmas Decorations.  In the mean time…..here’s some wonderful garland….better scoop them up before I do!!!!

  • Red and Green Mercury Glass Garland
  • Red Flocked Lantern Garland
  • Multi-colored Mercury Glass Garland
  • Gold Rope Twist Garland
  • Plastic Candy Garland


Vintage Tulle Tablecloths:  I own several of these.  And I love how easy they are to remove and replace, depending on how you are using a table.  You can put a solid cloth underneath, or simply lay directly on top of your table.  Check these out!

  • Red Tulle with Bells
  • White with Bows
  • White with Poinsettias and Candles
  • Red with Red Poinsettias


Vintage Christmas Planters:  A zillion uses for these!  In some of mine, I have small flower arrangements.  In others, I have candy canes.  And in one, I have my collection of Vintage Swizzle Sticks.  I think they are just adorable!

  • Holly Boot
  • Santa Boot
  • Red Sleigh 
  • Shopping Girl
  • Santa and Sleigh


Hope these recommendations get your Vintage Christmas juices flowing!  And, be sure you are following me on Instagram, as I will be hosting a few sales with Vintage Christmas goodies I’ve been sourcing recently!  My handle on Instagram is @thecuriouscowgirl


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