The closer we get to Christmas, the more I find myself thinking about Christmas Table Decorations.  Our family has grown so large over the years, it seems like I plan several large gatherings around our table.  And I love it!  All that festive celebrating gives me the chance to try out different Christmas Tablescape ideas using as much of my Vintage Christmas collection as possible.


Christmas Table Decorations


My family typically enjoys our big Christmas meal on Christmas Eve.  It’s always been a fairly formal affair.  We use the good china and the good crystal, and we dress up a bit too.  My husband’s family enjoys their big meal on Christmas Day, typically in the early afternoon, once the gifts have all been opened.  And, my mother-in-law also sets a beautiful table, using her formal china and crystal.  In fact, we have the same Christmas China pattern!

As my Vintage Christmas collection has grown, as well as my Vintage Glassware and Linens collection, I tend to mix my formal and traditional pieces with my Vintage Christmas Table Decorations, for a uniquely ME tablescape.  Here’s a few images of the different ways I set my Christmas Table keeping things a little more formal, but still working with a red and green color palette.


a Christmas Table decorated with red and green plates and a blow mold


a hand holding a sequined snow man napkin ring



For those of you who don’t want to have every piece on your table scream Christmas, I have set a more monochromatic formal table.  I used plain white china, and only included a salad plate with a Christmas motif.  I brought in a little color with my vintage glassware, and a few Vintage sequined ornaments scattered on the table.



white china place setting with a white rose centerpiece


a hand holding a crystal class with cranberry coloring


a hand holding a Vintage green and gold cocktail glass



Setting the Perfect Christmas Table….with Vintage!


For years, my Blog readers and Social Media Followers have watched me travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.  I often get asked, “what do you DO with all that stuff?”  Especially my Vintage Christmas collection, which may or may not include a very full warehouse of treasures.  Easy answer!  I love to incorporate Antiques and Vintage into my daily living, particularly during the Holidays.  From home decor to my clothing to my table decorations, I mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.

I love scouring Flea Markets, Antique Shows and hit Estate Sales several times a week, looking for the unique or interesting.  And while some table decor ends up for sale at our Antique Booth at Benny Jack Antiques in Dallas, or on my @TheCuriousCowgirl Instagram Account, I keep many of my finds.  One of my favorite uses for Vintage is in my table decorations.

The sustainability of using Vintage is important.  From glassware, to linens, to decorations, it’s never a bad idea to make a choice that is better for our planet, and buying Vintage is one way to reduce unnecessary use of natural resources.  Buying something that has already been produced, reduces the demand for yet-to-be-produced goods.

But, I get that many of you don’t want to hunt, scour or search!  Flea Markets and Antique Malls are not your jam.  That’s where Etsy comes in!  Etsy is an online marketplace, where your can find amazing Vintage treasures. Think of Etsy like your virtual Antique Mall.

Not sure if you are “getting a good deal.”  No worries!  I’m going to show you some Christmas Tablescape ideas that incorporate Vintage elements.  Scroll through my images, and then I will provide you with links to Etsy sellers who offer the same, or similar, Vintage Table Decor in their Etsy Store.  I might even offer up some of my own Vintage finds.

I am an affiliate with Etsy, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, not affecting your price, but supporting my business.  So thank you!



Shop This Tablescape on Etsy


  • Vintage glassware is a very easy way to add a touch of Vintage to any table.  In this tablescape, I have included a wonderful crystal glass accented with a cranberry color.  There are similar goblets available on Etsy HERE, HERE and HERE.  Don’t be afraid to mix patters.  Vintage lends itself to more whimsey, and less formality.
  • The Green and Gold Whiskey glasses are made by Culver.  Almost every design by Culver is gorgeous.  With any vintage glass that has gold on it, try to find sets where the wear to the gold is as minimal as possible.  I found some beautiful sets HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • My floral centerpiece is in a 6″ Vintage Cut Glass Rose Bowl.  I use it ALL the time.  It’s just so lovely, and it belonged to my grandmother.  There are a few on Etsy if you don’t have one of your own, HERE, HERE and HERE.  I used this same element in my post about Formal Thanksgiving Tables, by the way.
  • Vintage Napkin Rings are not easy to find, so if you see some…..scoop them up immediately!  My Felt Sequined Napkin Rings are some of my favorite Vintage finds, and there are a few similar sequined sets available on Etsy, HERE and HERE.  The brass rings I used are from the 1980’s, so not crazy old.  And there are similar sets available HERE and HERE.
  • I think it’s fun to use Vintage Christmas decorations as accessories on the table.  In the first set of images I included a Small Vintage Blow Mold of Santa, and a Vintage Ceramic Boot filled with candy canes.  In the second set of images, I used a few Vintage Sequined Ornaments scattered on the table.
  • Finally, Vintage Linen Napkins are some of my favorite finds.  I’ve looked for sets on Etsy that are six napkins or more, so check out THESE, THESE and THESE.



How to Shop My Vintage Finds


Many of the pieces I am showing in this Living With Vintage Series, including in this Casual Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas post  are for sale!  How can you see what’s available? First, you must follow me on Instagram.  My handle is @TheCuriousCowgirl.

Second, be sure and watch my “Stories”.  If you are not familiar with Stories, here’s how to find them.  When you are in your Home Feed, which means the little house on the bottom left corner is black, you are in your Home Feed.  At the top of your screen, you see rows of circles with red around them.  Those are Instagram Stories, and the red means there is something new to watch.  Stories feels a lot like watching a slide show.

To find my particular Stories, which is where I am listing and selling my Vintage goodies, you can find my profile, again @TheCuriousCowgirl, and watch my Stories by touching the circle with my logo in it.  My sales last 24 hours, and to purchase anything, simply follow the directions I give you in Stories.

Once the sale concludes, I move all unsold items to my Highlight Reel titled “Vintage” and you can still shop there.  If you see something in my Highlights you are interested in, just sent me a Direct Message.  I remove sold items regularly from my Highlights, so what you see is available.



To see other posts in my Living With Vintage Series, click on any of the following links:



I have really enjoyed showing y’all my tablescapes, and hope I have inspired you to include Vintage on your holiday table!  It really is easy to Live with Vintage!


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