I always feel a little melancholy once my Christmas decorations are taken down.  The house just seems so bare!  Anyone else feel that way?  But take heart!  Winter does not have to be devoid of celebrations and beautiful table decorations, even if the occasion is simply Saturday night at home!  Winter table decorations incorporating special Vintage pieces will certainly make any dinner feel more special!


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Winter Table Decorations


The upside of long winter nights, is ample opportunities to enjoy taking the time to take to set a beautiful table.  Drag out all the linens, crystal and china!  Why not?  Celebrate the everyday!

In my Living With Vintage series, I love to show you table decorations that incorporate both modern and Vintage elements.  Whether the Vintage pieces are family heirlooms, or goodies you picked up last weekend at a local antique shop or flea market, I say use them!  Let’s take a closer look, as I hope to inspire you to create your own unique look with Vintage Winter Table Decorations.

Of note:  the linens and large plates are NOT Vintage, by design.  I want you to see how easily you can mix new and Vintage on your table!


a table set with brown plates


close up of a table setting with brown plates


a large green Vintage drinking glass


a hand holding a grey wine glass



Setting the Perfect Winter Table….with Vintage!


For years, my Blog readers and Social Media Followers have watched me travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.  I often get asked, “what do you DO with all that stuff?”  Easy answer!  I love to incorporate Antiques and Vintage into my daily living.  From home decor to my clothing to my table decorations, I mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.

I love scouring Flea Markets, Antique Shows and hit Estate Sales several times a week, looking for the unique or interesting.  And while some table decor ends up for sale at our Antique Booth at Benny Jack Antiques in Dallas, or on my @TheCuriousCowgirl Instagram Account, I keep many of my finds.  One of my favorite uses for Vintage is in my table decorations.

The sustainability of using Vintage is important.  From glassware, to linens, to decorations, it’s never a bad idea to make a choice that is better for our planet, and buying Vintage is one way to reduce unnecessary use of natural resources.  Buying something that has already been produced, reduces the demand for yet-to-be-produced goods.

But, I get that many of you don’t want to hunt, scour or search!  Flea Markets and Antique Malls are not your jam.  That’s where I come in!  I’ve done the hard work of sourcing for you!

For now, you can find pricing and inquiring about purchasing by following my account on Instagram, @thecuriouscowgirl.  I typically “list” items in my Instagram Stories, as well as my Vintage Highlights Reel, which is located just above my main feed.

But…..a shopable web site is in the works, and y’all will be the FIRST to know when my new site is live!


brown soup crock on a white plate


top down view of a table scape with blue and white linens and brown soup crocks



Shop These Tablescapes 


  • Green Glassware is incredibly versatile.  It works almost all year long.  I have several sets of different green glassware available, so please follow me on Instagram at @thecuriouscowgirl, where I offer my finds on my Stories AND in my Vintage Highlights Reel.
  • I also love clear crystal goblets, particularly those with lovely etching.  I have sets of both wine goblets, as well as champagne coupes, that work great for bubbly OR ice cream and desserts.
  • The small drip-glaze brown plates featured in the first images are also available, and are part of a much larger collection of Vintage Pfaltzgraff, which includes dinner plates, bowls, and several serving pieces.  Perfect for a Winter Table, or rustic table decor at a lake house or mountain home!
  • The wicker chargers are available in a set of 8, and add a great element of texture to your winter table decor.
  • You might have noticed the grey wine glasses.  They are so mid-century awesome!  Part of a much larger set of water glasses and juice glasses.
  • In the second set of images, I hope you noticed the soup crocks.  These are SO wonderful, and are perfect for warm bowls of chili, soup, stews.  I have a set of six available.
  • The small bowls in the second set of images are highly collectible, and useful!  They are Dryden Arkansas Pottery and Chelsea Pottery.  Lovely examples, and available for purchase.


Thank you for spending some time with me, and to see other posts in my Living With Vintage Series, click on any of the following links:



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